Cryptophyllaspis elongata ( Green, 1905 ),

Pellizzari, Giuseppina & Porcelli, Francesco, 2017, Aspidiotus bornmuelleri Lindinger, 1911, rev. comb. (Hemiptera: Coccomorpha: Diaspididae), a neglected endemic species from Macaronesia, with comments on the genus Cryptophyllaspis, and further notes on the scale insect fauna of Canary Islands, Spain, Zootaxa 4300 (1), pp. 99-110: 101

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Cryptophyllaspis elongata ( Green, 1905 )


Cryptophyllaspis elongata ( Green, 1905) 

Green (1905) stated that this species forms pit galls on the upper surface of the leaves of Grewia  ; the opening of each gall is closed by the scale cover; and that the female cover consists principally of a delicate film lining the cavity of the gall. The species is known only from the original record in Sri Lanka. Green described it as Aspidiotus (Cryptophyllaspis) occultus elongatus  , i.e., a subspecies of A. (Cryptophyllaspis) occultus  . Sanders (1906) elevated it to species rank in the genus Cryptophyllaspis  . Ferris (1941) considered it to be an Aspidiotus  , but later Borchsenius (1966) transferred the species back into Cryptophyllaspis  . Munting (1971) presented the first reliable drawing of the pygidium of this species as Cryptophyllaspis elongatus  .