Impatiens albopurpurea Eb. Fisch.

Fischer, Eberhard & Rahelivololona, Marie Elisette, 2002, New taxa of Impatiens (Balsaminaceae) from Madagascar. I, Adansonia (3) 24 (2), pp. 271-294 : 286-287

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Impatiens albopurpurea Eb. Fisch.


Impatiens albopurpurea Eb. Fisch. & Rahe-

livololona, sp. nov.

Impatienti perfecunde affinis, sed petiolo et lamina dense pilosis, petalo dorsale lineari et petalo laterali superiore linearo-lanceolato differt.

TYPUS. — Schatz, Dransfield & Du Puy 2788, Madagascar, Masoala Peninsula, c. 3 km NE of Antalavia, along Antalavia River , 15°47’S, 50°02’E, 200-380 m, 13-16 Nov. 1989 (holo-, TAN; iso-, MO, P, not seen) GoogleMaps .

Erect to ascending herbs. Stems up to 5-6 cm tall, densely pilose. Leaves dark green above, light whitish green below, petiole 2-4 mm long, lamina lanceolate, obtuse to subapiculate, 35-55 × 8- 9 mm, margin dentate, pilose. Flowers with lat-

TYPUS. — Fischer & Rahelivololona, MJ 10,

Madagascar, Marojejy massif, below camp 3, c. 1100 m, 23 Mar. 2000 (holo-, TAN; iso-, P) .

Erect herb, stems up to 6 cm tall, simple, densely pubescent. Leaves pubescent above, glabrous below, petiole 8-12 mm long, lamina 18-19 × 18 mm, broadly ovate to orbicular, lower face pale green, upper face darker green, margin with 4-5 teeth and filiform fimbriae. Flowers hidden by leaves, nodding. Pedicels up to 10 mm long. Lateral sepals 2, 3 × 1 mm, greenish-brown, hairy outside. Lower sepal 8 × 3 mm, with thickened dark brown longitudinal nerve on inner face and 10 dark brown lateral thickened bars on each side, the parts between these bars pale green and translucid. Dorsal petal 8 × 7 mm, dark green with reddish-brown venation, outside hairy on dorsal crest. Lateral united petals 8-9 mm long, dark chocolate brown, upper petal 4 × 3 mm, DISTRIBUTION.— Madagascar, known from lower petal 6 × 5 mm, margin of lower petal only the type collection from the Marojejy folded upwards thus ressembling a leguminose massif.



navicule. Anthers 3 mm long. Ovary 2-3 mm Impatiens navicula shows superficial resemlong. Fruit hairy, 5 × 3 mm.— Fig. 12 View Fig . blance to the insufficiently known I. meeuseana H. Perrier from Eastern Madagascar, but differs HABITAT.— Montane rain forest, at 1100 m clearly, in the dark chocolate brown flowers and growing between moss cushions. the navicular lateral petals with upwards folded


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