Nannaria simplex Hoffman, 1949

Means, Jackson C., Hennen, Derek A. & Marek, Paul E., 2021, A revision of the minor species group in the millipede genus Nannaria Chamberlin, 1918 (Diplopoda, Polydesmida, Xystodesmidae), ZooKeys 1030, pp. 1-180: 1

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Nannaria simplex Hoffman, 1949


Nannaria simplex Hoffman, 1949   Fig. 19 Vernacular name: "The Simple Gonopod Twisted-Claw Millipede" View Figure 19

Nannaria simplex   Hoffman, 1949: 384, figs 13, 14. Chamberlin and Hoffman 1958: 42. Hoffman 1999: 368. Marek et al. 2014: 38. Means et al. 2021: S72.

Material examined.

Holotype: United States - Virginia • ♂; Alleghany County, McGraw Gap, 3 miles northwest of Clifton Forge ; [37.8586°N, - 79.8660°W]; 19 June 1947; R. Hoffman leg.; NMNH #1807. GoogleMaps  

Other material.

United States - Virginia • 2 ♂♂; Augusta County, 5 mi SW of Reddish Knob , FS 85, "mature site" pitfalls; 38.4102°N, - 79.3066°W; 28 May 1988; K. Buhlmann leg.; VMNH NAN0353 GoogleMaps   1 ♂; Bath County, Jewel Hole Hollow , off FR 141, just E of upper storage reservoir, S of Paddy Knob; 38.2427°N, - 79.7955°W; elev. 914 m; 10 June 1997; MeShean Project leg.; VMNH NAN0646 GoogleMaps   23 ♂ ♀; Rockingham County, Shenandoah Mountain, DF site off Va. 924, ca. 0.5 mi E of WVA state line, jct with FS 85 (the "8 year old stand" of Plethodon punctatus   study); 38.4783°N, - 79.2136°W; 17 June 1988; K. Buhlmann leg.; VMNH NAN0350; SCAU GoogleMaps   - West Virginia • 1 ♂; Pendleton County, Moyers , ca. 5 mi. SE of Franklin; 38.5154°N, - 79.3621°W; 5 May 1961; D. Whitehead leg.; VMNH NAN0351. For detailed collection data see Suppl. material 7 GoogleMaps   .


Adult males of Nannaria simplex   are distinct from other Nannaria   and the sympatric Nannaria wilsoni   species group, N. ericacea   , based on the following combination of characters: Gonopods. Gonopodal acropodite gently curving medially basal to apex, not nearly straight basal to apex as in N. ericacea   . Distal zone short, simple, at nearly 90° bend to acropodite - not serpentine, with prominent lateral flange as in N. ericacea   . Telopodite basal zone height ca. 1/2 length of acropodite, not < 1/3 length as in N. fowleri   and N. ericacea   . Prefemur with thin, somewhat serpentine prefemoral process arising from medial side of prefemoral spine, directed caudally-not paralleling acropodite as in N. fowleri   , or large, crossing under acropodite distal zone as in N. ericacea   . Prefemoral spine shelf-like (Fig. 19C View Figure 19 , red arrow)-not pronounced and tooth-like as in N. fowleri   , or lacking as in N. ericacea   . Color. Hoffman (1949) described N. simplex   as having "reddish pink" tergites with a black background. Collum completely black.


♂ holotype ( NMNH, #1807): BL = 29.4, CW = 3.9, IW = 2.6, ISW = 0.9, B11W = 4.5, B11H = 3.2.


No known variation.


Known from the border of Virginia and West Virginia near the Shenandoah Mountains (Virginia: Alleghany, Augusta, Bath, and Rockingham counties; West Virginia: Pendleton County; Suppl. material 7; Fig. 127 View Figure 127 ). Distribution area: 1,213 km2; status: SRE.


Hoffman (1949) provides little ecological information, other than mentioning that the type specimen was found under hemlock bark. The authors JCM and DAH have visited the type locality, McGraw Gap, on multiple occasions and the habitat is composed of a mesic mixed hardwood and pine forest dominated by oak, maple, tuliptree, rhododendron, pine and hemlock, with an extensive fern understory.


Hoffman (1949) gave no etymology for his choice of specific name but it is reasonable to assume that the name refers to the relatively simple form of the gonopods.

Type material.

United States, Virginia, Alleghany County, McGraw Gap, 3 miles northwest of Clifton Forge; [37.8586°N, - 79.8660°W].


In the original description, Hoffman (1949: 385) examined and designated the holotype male ( NMNH #1807) collected on June 19, 1947 by R. Hoffman.














Nannaria simplex Hoffman, 1949

Means, Jackson C., Hennen, Derek A. & Marek, Paul E. 2021

Nannaria simplex

Hoffman 1949