Tinamotaecola andinae

Cicchino, Armando C., Valim, Michel P. & González-Acuña, Daniel, 2014, A review of the louse genus Tinamotaecola (Insecta: Phthiraptera: Philopteridae sensu lato), with description of a new species, Zootaxa 3835 (3), pp. 349-363: 351

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Tinamotaecola andinae


andinae   species-group

Moderately pigmented species with the following features: a) a narrow marginal carina in both sexes; b) no more than 10 metanotal setae in males; c) female subgenital plate with less than 41 marginal plus submarginal setae. Three species are included in this group, all parasitic on hosts belonging to the Tinamotis   - Eudromia   clade of the Nothurinae   ( Tinamidae   ) (see Bertelli & Chiappe 2005). All three species have been collected in Argentina, one ( Tinamotaecola elegans   ) has been recorded from Paraguay, and only one ( Tinamotaecola andinae   ) is known from Chile. However, considering the that their hosts are geographically distributed in Chile ( Fig. 20 View FIGURE 20 ) and that these hosts have not been particularly well studied ( Martínez & González 2004), it is likely that the remaining two Tinamotaecola   species will be found in that country.