Hymenolepis megalops,

González-Acuña, Daniel, Moreno, Lucila, Cicchino, Armando, Mironov, Sergey & Kinsella, Mike, 2010, Checklist of the parasites of the black-necked swan, Cygnus melanocoryphus (Aves: Anatidae), with new records from Chile, Zootaxa 2637, pp. 55-68: 59

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http://doi.org/ 10.5281/zenodo.198468

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Hymenolepis megalops


Hymenolepis megalops  (Nitzsch in Creplin, 1829)

Syn  .: Cloacotaenia megalops  (Nitzsch in Creplin, 1829) Wolfhügel, 1938 Site of infection: cloaca.

Localities: not reported ( Brazil). Chascomús, Buenos Aires Province ( Argentina). Life history: H 1: Cypris pubera Müller, 1776  , Eucypris inflata Sars, 1903  and Heterocypris incongruens ( Ramdohr, 1808)  (Ostracoda, Cyprididae  ).

Reference: Muniz-Pereira and Amato (1998), Digiani (2000).