Xenopygus analis

Chatzimanolis, Stylianos & Caron, Edilson, 2016, New species and synonymies in Xenopygus Bernhauer (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae: Staphylinini), Zootaxa 4200 (1), pp. 131-142 : 133

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Xenopygus analis


analis   species group

This group includes the following species: X. analis   , X. bicolor (Laporte)   and X. confusus Irmler. The   treatment provided by Caron et al. (2016) for these species is sufficient and no further updates are provided here besides a diagnosis for the species group. We should mention that Caron et al. (2016) incorrectly mentioned that there is a lectotype and paralectotypes for X. analis   . As correctly mentioned by Alfred Newton (pers. com.), even though there are lectotype labels on X. analis, Irmler   never published these designations and these types are still syntypes.

Diagnosis. Species in this group can be distinguished from other species in the punctatus   group by the combination of the following characters: microtrichiae on antennae starting on antennomere 5; labial palpi 3 truncate, not dilated; pronotum with few rows of large punctures; porose structure present on sternite VII; paramere with peg setae in multiple rows.