Macromeria rhousiogastra, Bartalucci, M. Boni, 2007

Bartalucci, M. Boni, 2007, The Afrotropical genera of the subtribe Meriina (Hymenoptera, Tiphiidae, Myzininae), Linzer biologische Beiträge 39 (2), pp. 1257-1305: 1286-1287

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Macromeria rhousiogastra


Macromeria rhousiogastra   nov.sp.

H o l o t y p e: Namibia = /Chulon; Narib Ost 602 24°10’S, 17°42’E Marienthal district 28 Sept.- 20 Oct. 1982 M.-L. Penrith Preser. traps. dune/ / H58312 View Materials / / NNIC /, NMNW GoogleMaps   .

Female (holotype). Figs 96-100. Measurements: body length = 16mm – forewing length: 10mm.

Black, brown and light brown, dark ferruginous.

Brown and light brown: clypeus, Tsa, antennae, mandibles, LaSt 2, Ta.

Dark ferruginous: the whole of metasoma


Head – Frons and vertex mostly smooth. Clypeus completely p., its ventral lamella very narrow and hardly detectable in frontal aspect. Tsa very prominent in dorsal aspect. Large Genae.

Mesosoma – Declivitous and lateral areas of pronotal disk, Es1, most of Es2, subhorizontal area and posterodorsal lateral edge of P densely p. without space among p. The remainder with only more scattered p. No wrinkles on lateral P. Declivitous dorsal P distinctly concave. Wings veins like in M. semirufa   . Wings yellow, with apical half beginning at the the end of the tubular cells moderately darkened

Metasoma – Very small and shallow scattered p. on 1 st to 5 th terga. More densely packed p. on 1 st sternum. Larger and more scattered shallow p. on 2 nd to 6 th sterna. Completely sculptured 6 th tergum by rough longitudinal rows of small bumps and basally with an irregular evident gradulus worn out medially.

Brown-golden hair trhroughot, denser and short on occiput and clypeus, longer on P.

Microreticulation like in semirufa, well detectable at 50x, on large areas of the body but Tsa, antennae, genae, lateral N 1, Es 2, dorsal P, legs.

Male. Uunknown

Known only from the holotype

D e r i v a t i o n o m i n i s From the colour of metasoma: ȡȠȣıȚȠȢ = reddish and ȖĮıIJȘȡ = stomach

N o t e. Well distinct from the colour of wings and metasoma, the shape of hindtibial spurs and sculpture of 6 th tergum. It lacks most of the flagelli.


National Museum of Namibia