Rostroconger, Smith, 2018

Smith, David G., 2018, A new genus and species of congrid eel from the Philippines (Anguillliformes: Congridae: Bathymyrinae), Zootaxa 4454 (1), pp. 78-83 : 79

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gen. nov.

Rostroconger gen. nov.

Type species: Rostroconger macrouriceps sp. nov.

Diagnosis. A member of the family Congridae , subfamily Bathymyrinae , distinguished from other genera by the presence of an acute bony projection at the tip of the snout, and the posterior nostril opening as a ventrally directed slit on the side of the head just above the upper labial flange.

Description. That of the only known species.

Etymology. From the Latin rostrum, in reference to the bony projection from the snout, and Conger , a genus of congrid eel.

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