Zehnderia microgyna C.Cusset, Fl. Cameroon 30: 56 (1987), C. Cusset, Fl. Cameroon 30: 56, 1987

Kuetegue, Felix, Sonke, Bonaventure & Ameka, Gabriel K., 2019, A checklist of rheophytes of Cameroon, PhytoKeys 121, pp. 81-131: 81

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Zehnderia microgyna C.Cusset, Fl. Cameroon 30: 56 (1987)


43. Zehnderia microgyna C.Cusset, Fl. Cameroon 30: 56 (1987)  


Cameroon, Edea, 29 Jan 1951, Zehnder 264 (holotype: ZT).

Specimen examined.

Edea, Sanaga waterfall, 29 Jan 1951, Zehnder 264, 276, 278 (ZT).


Cameroon (Fig. 25 View Figures 20–25 ).

Conservation status in Cameroon.

Zehnderia microgyna   is listed on http://www.iucnredlist.org. as Critically Endangered ( Ghogue 2010s). The taxon is known from only one locality. The extent of occurrence of Z. microgyna   and the area of occupancy are estimated at about 4 km2 each. There is a dam built on the Sanaga River, the habitat of the species. Based on that threat, and the fact that the species is known only from one locality and the continuous decline of vegetation cover in the area, and extent and/or quality of habitat, Z. microgyna   is here assessed as Critically Endangered. IUCN Red List Category: Critically Endangered CRB1+2ab (ii, iii).