Poluninius selangoriensis, Ballantyne & Lambkin, 2013

Ballantyne, Lesley A. & Lambkin, Christine L., 2013, Systematics and Phylogenetics of Indo-Pacific Luciolinae Fireflies (Coleoptera: Lampyridae) and the Description of new Genera, Zootaxa 3653 (1), pp. 1-162: 101

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Poluninius selangoriensis

sp. nov.

Poluninius selangoriensis   sp. nov.

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Type. Male. MALAYSIA: Selangor, I. Polunin ( ANIC)   .

Paratypes (3). Two males same data as holotype ( ANIC). Kg Kuantan village orchard, DZA outside, coll Kat, male ( FRIM)   .

Diagnosis. The only species of Poluninius   , distinguished by its pale dorsal colouration and the fleshy lobes on V7.

Male. 5.1–5.5 mm long. Colour: Dorsal surface of pronotum and elytra pale yellowish brown with narrow black areas at the tips of the elytra; Selangor specimens preserved in 70% ethanol appear semitransparent, with elytra are slightly darker than the pronotum because of underlying hind wings; head between eyes dark brown; maxillary palpi mid brown; apical labial palpomere mid brown, remainder yellowish; ventral surface of thorax and legs orange yellow except for brown tibiae and tarsi of legs 1, and brown tarsi of legs 2, 3; dorsal and ventral surface of abdomen very pale yellowish, except for white LOs in V6, 7.

Pronotum 1.0– 1.1 mm long; 1.4–1.5 mm wide; W/L 1.4. Elytra 5.1–5.5 mm long. GHW 1.2 mm; SIW 0.2 mm.

Etymology. The type locality is latinised, genitive case to reflect the origins of this species.


Australian National Insect Collection


Forest Research Institute, Malaysia