Medeopteryx corusca (Ballantyne) Ballantyne & Lambkin, 2013

Ballantyne, Lesley A. & Lambkin, Christine L., 2013, Systematics and Phylogenetics of Indo-Pacific Luciolinae Fireflies (Coleoptera: Lampyridae) and the Description of new Genera, Zootaxa 3653 (1), pp. 1-162 : 85-86

publication ID 10.11646/zootaxa.3653.1.1

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Medeopteryx corusca (Ballantyne)

comb. nov.

Medeopteryx corusca (Ballantyne) View in CoL comb. nov.

[ Figs 139–142 View FIGURES 139–146 , 155 View FIGURES 154–159 , 161, 162 View FIGURES 160–167 ]

Pteroptyx corusca Ballantyne, 1987a:1387 View in CoL , Fig. 10 View FIGURES 9–17 .

Holotype. Male. NEW GUINEA: Eastern Highlands Pr. : 145.22E, 6.02S, 4.7 miles east of Goroka ( ANIC) GoogleMaps . Other specimens examined. Listings extend Ballantyne (1987a). NEW GUINEA: 143.35E, 3.35S, Wewak GoogleMaps ,

2–20m, 13.x.1957, on palm, JLG, male ( BPBM). 144.45E, 5.53S, Banz, west of Nondugl , 21.vii.1955, light trap, JLG GoogleMaps , 1750m, male ( BPBM). Banz, Waghi Valley , 1500m, vii.21.1955, light trap, JLG, 2 males ( BPBM). 144.37E, 5.55S, Western Highlands, Kamang, near Minj GoogleMaps , 1840m, 21.v.1966, JLG, male ( BPBM). Western Highlands, Korn farm , 1560m, x.15.1958, light trap. JLG, male ( BPBM). 145.22E, 6.02S, Korifeuga , 22 km SE Goroka GoogleMaps , 1200m, 30.vii.1961, malaise trap, JLG, male ( BPBM). 146.40E, 7.22S, Wau , Morobe Distr. GoogleMaps , 1200m, 30.vii.1961, malaise trap, JLG, male ( BPBM). 146.55E, 8.16S, Tapini GoogleMaps , 1000m, 9–12.vii.1968, Mena, 2 males ( BPBM). 147.13E, 7.52S, Morobe Pr., Garaina GoogleMaps , 800m, 15–21.i.1968, J. & M. S., male ( BPBM). 147.44E, 8.52S, Kokoda , iii.20.1956, JLG, light trap, 6 males, (1 male 400m), male 28–29.iii.1956, male at GoogleMaps 400m, 14–16.xi.1965 ( BPBM). Eastern Highlands, Simbu Pr., Chimbu district, Kundiu 5 mating pairs, 26–27.xi.1969; 9.xi.1969, sp. samp. #5 MP ‘flasher’(1) ( ANIC). Eastern Highlands, outside Goroka on Lae Road , across from Tech. College, mating pair (G383) ( ANIC) .

Diagnosis. 6–7.5 mm long; yellow pronotum, black MS and elytra; elytral apex rounded ( Fig. 141 View FIGURES 139–146 ); LOs entire in V7; abdomen with dimple and hump ( Figs 139, 140, 142 View FIGURES 139–146 ) ( Ballantyne 1987a Fig. 10 View FIGURES 9–17 ).

Female. 6.8–7.0 mm long. Colour: as for male – pronotum and MN yellow, MS dark brown in posterior 2/3 and dusky brown in anterior 1/3; elytra brown; ventral surface of body including head and legs brown except for pale yellow venter of prothorax and yellow coxae 1, pale light organ, and slightly darker brown posterolateral corners of V7; all abdominal tergites pale brown, T7 slightly darker in lateral third;T7, 8 slightly darker than preceding. Abdomen ( Fig. 155 View FIGURES 154–159 ): posterolateral corners of V6 rounded, V6 not excavated across posterior margin; posterior margin of V7 broadly, deeply and evenly excavated, with posterolateral corners acutely angled and pointed; V8 not indented in median line. Bursa ( Figs 161, 162 View FIGURES 160–167 ).

Remarks. Lloyd (1973a) listed all his species by number and his "P. (= Pteroptyx ) species 17" was identified by Ballantyne as P. cribellata . These specimens were subsequently assigned to P. corusca ( Ballantyne, 1987a) , which was the only Highland species recorded. (The improbability of a highland species having been collected around 1890 was pointed out by John Buck and others, who considered that P. cribellata could not have been based on highland specimens.). This species is one of a complex of cryptic species, the ' cribellata complex' of Ballantyne (1987a), who described a female of a mating pair (from Goroka) with lateral pronotal margins finely dark, but otherwise consistent with this description.

"The synchronised flash pattern appeared to be a single simple flash, but actually consisted of 2 modulations a preliminary dim one followed by a brighter one" ( Lloyd, 1973a).


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Medeopteryx corusca (Ballantyne)

Ballantyne, Lesley A. & Lambkin, Christine L. 2013

Pteroptyx corusca Ballantyne, 1987a:1387

Ballantyne, L. A. 1987: 1387
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