Acanthoscelides elevatus (Sharp, 1983)

Romero-Nápoles, Jesús, 2014, Seed Beetles (Coleoptera: Bruchidae) Associated with Seeds ofPavoniaCav. (Malvaceae), with Description of a New Species and Notes on Three Others, The Coleopterists Bulletin 68 (1), pp. 61-68: 64-65

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Acanthoscelides elevatus (Sharp, 1983)


Acanthoscelides elevatus (Sharp, 1983)   ( Figs. 4–5)

This bruchid belongs to the A. albopygus   species-group together with the following species: d) Lateral view.

Acanthoscelides albopygus Johnson   , Acanthoscelides buenaventura Johnson   , Acanthoscelides caripe Johnson   , Acanthoscelides cesari Johnson   , Acanthoscelides elvalle Johnson   , Acanthoscelides petalopygus Kingsolver   , Acanthoscelides sousai Johnson   , and Acanthoscelides tinalandia Johnson. According   to Johnson (1990), this group is composed of robust species, most with light-colored bodies with contrasting pubescence, mucro that is 0.25–0.40X as long as the metabasitarsomere, and a rounded or almost rounded apex of the ventral valve of the male genitalia. Acanthoscelides petalopygus   feeds on Acacia collinsii Safford   ( Fabaceae   ) and A. sousai   on three species of Acacia Mill.   and one of Mimosa   (L.) ( Fabaceae   ); the host plants of the rest of the species are unknown except for A. elevatus   , which feeds on Pavonia   seeds.

Host Plants. Pavonia schiedeana ( de la Cruz et al. 2013)   .

Distribution. Belize, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, and Panama.