Decliviassus maculatus, Dai, Wu, Dietrich, Christopher H. & Zhang, Yalin, 2015

Dai, Wu, Dietrich, Christopher H. & Zhang, Yalin, 2015, A review of the leafhopper tribe Hyalojassini (Hemiptera: Cicadellidae: Iassinae) with description of new taxa, Zootaxa 3911 (1), pp. 1-142: 16-18

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Decliviassus maculatus

sp. nov.

Decliviassus maculatus   sp. nov.

( Figs 2 View FIGURE 2 C, D, 12 A –F)

Male 6.7–7.4 mm long, 2.9–3.1 mm across humeral angles. Color dull stramineous; vertex with pair of brown maculae dorsomesad of ocelli; pronotum, scutellum and forewing with numerous small black spots, some on forewing merging to form larger spots; exposed part of mesonotum with pair of submedial transverse black lines ( Fig. 2 View FIGURE 2 C, D). Hind tibia setal rows PD, AD, and AV with 19, 12, and 14 macrosetae respectively; tarsomere I with 6 platellae.

Pygofer ventral appendage in lateral view with two posterodorsal lobes ( Fig. 12 View FIGURE 12 A), small triangular projection near mid-height, and more elongate ventral extension bearing apical notch ( Fig. 12 View FIGURE 12 E). Subgenital plate obovoid with slight concavity and small group of short fine setae at apex ( Fig. 12 View FIGURE 12 F). Style apophysis in lateral view slightly tapered to midlength, gradually broadened distad to footlike, obliquely truncate apex ( Fig. 12 View FIGURE 12 D). Aedeagus with shaft in lateral view slightly sinuate with low dorsal hump near base, margins gradually tapered toward apex; distal processes longer than maximum width of shaft, in posterior view extended laterad with apices slightly upturned, in lateral view extended posterad; apex in posterior view bifid, in lateral view curved slightly anterad; gonopore short, apical ( Fig. 12 View FIGURE 12 B, C).

Material examined. Holotype ♂, THAILAND: Sakon Nakhon, Phu Phan NP creek at entrance of Huay Nam Pung forest unit 16 º 54.53 ’N 103 º 54.266 ’E 281 m, Malaise trap 13–19.xi. 2006, Winlon Khongnara leg. T 1097. [ QSBG]. Paratypes: 1 ♂, same data as holotype except 16 º 55.789 ’N 103 º 54.158 ’E 305m [ INHS]; 1 ♂, Thailand, Ubon Ratchathanni, Pha Taem NP Rong Hi 15 º 40.016 ’N 105 º 30.502 ’E 246m, Malaise trap 1–7.i. 2007, Thorgkam & Pakdee leg. T 1474 [ NWAF].

Notes. This species is easily distinguishable by the presence of numerous black spots on the dorsum. The species name refers to the black markings.


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