Gymnobodes fraterculus

Mahunka, S., 1986, A survey of the family Carabodidae C. L. Koch, 1836 (Acari: Oribatida), Acta Zoologica Hungarica 32, pp. 73-135 : 125

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Gymnobodes fraterculus


Gymnobodes fraterculus (Balogh, 1958)

Carabodes fraterculus Balogh, 1958: 38, Figs 6-7.

Examined type series: Holotype and 1 paratype: C.B. 10287-48 : Congo: district du Kasai, Riviere Luebo, entre Tshikapa et Luluabourg , forêt équatoriale, 14. IX. 1955. Holotype: MRAT GoogleMaps , paratype ( 1106-PO-85 ): HNHM. GoogleMaps Other material: 63 specimens: Ang. 14614-46 : Angola, Environ Melanga , forest litter and moss. 12. IV. 1980. Leg. Z. Szabó. GoogleMaps

Measurements. - Length: 248-288 µm, width: 120-148 µm.

Prodorsum: Rostrum widely rounded. Lamellae with short cuspis. Rostral and lamellar setae short, thin, simple, both pairs arising on the prodorsal surface and in interlamellar position (Fig. 90); lamellar setae not on the outer margin of the lamellae. Lamellae narrow, interlamellar region slightly concave, surface ornamented by a weak polygonal reticulation and, along the lamellae, some large, strong areolae. Interlamellae setae minute. Sensillus short, dilate setiform.

Notogaster: Dorsosejugal suture concave medially. Notogastral surface pustulate anteriorly and marginally, median part ornamented by a poorly visible polygonal reticulation. Ten pairs of minute notogastral setae pre sent.

Lateral part of podosoma: Surface ornamented by strong areolae (Fig. 91).

Coxisternal region: Apodemes and epimeral borders scarcely visible, epimeral surface irregularly maculate. Epimeral setal formula: 1-1-2-4, All setae minute, hardly discernible.

Anogenital region: Surface ornamented by longitudinal ribs and by weak polygonal reticulation. A line of deep alveolae present along the posteromarginal line. Anogenital setal formula: 4 —0—2— 3. All minute. Lyrifissure iad very poorly observable Standing far from the anal aperture.

Legs: All joints of leg glabrous, without sculpture. Seta s of tarsus I spiniform, seta l" G of leg II very large, longer than genu.




Hungary, Budapest, Hungarian Natural History Museum