Dichotomius (Luederwaldtinia) hempeli (Pereira, 1942),

Chamorro, William, Marin-Armijos, Diego, senjo, Angelico & Vaz-De-Mello, Fernando Z., 2019, Scarabaeinae dung beetles from Ecuador: a catalog, nomenclatural acts, and distribution records, ZooKeys 826, pp. 1-343: 126

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Dichotomius (Luederwaldtinia) hempeli (Pereira, 1942)


Dichotomius (Luederwaldtinia) hempeli (Pereira, 1942)  Plate 28C

Dichotomius hempeli  Pereira, 1942: 38 (original description. Type locality: Equador, Loja EW, Piscobamba).

Dichotomius hempeli  : Martínez 1947: 112 (cited for Ecuador); Carvajal et al. 2011: 320-321 (cited for Ecuador); Krajcik 2012: 92 (complete list of species).

Dichotomius (Luederwaldtinia) hempeli  : Chamorro et al. 2018: 95 (cited for Ecuador).

Type specimens.

Dichotomius hempeli  Pereira, 1942. The holotype (♀) is deposited at the MZUSP (see Pereira 1942: 38). Locality: Loja, Piscobamba, examined.

Holotype (♀): "S. ECUADOR / Piscobamba / M. Watt [p]", "TIPO [p, red label, black margin]", "Pinotus / Hempeli / Lüd. / Lüd. det. 23 [hw]", "♀ [hw]", "Pinotus ♀ / hempeli / sp. n. / P. Pereira det. 942 [p and hw, black margin]", "17464 [p]".


Only known from Ecuador.

Records examined.

LOJA: Piscobamba (1 specimen MZUSP).

Temporal data.

It is not known when this species was collected.


Inhabits the montane cloud forests in the Andean region. The collection method is unknown.