Macellicephala Sigalionidae sp. (NHM_1093)

Wiklund, Helena, Rabone, Muriel, Glover, Adrian G, Bribiesca-Contreras, Guadalupe, Drennan, Regan, Stewart, Eva C D, Boolukos, Corie M, King, Lucas D, Sherlock, Emma, Smith, Craig R, Dahlgren, Thomas G & Neal, Lenka, 2023, Checklist of newly-vouchered annelid taxa from the Clarion-Clipperton Zone, central Pacific Ocean, based on morphology and genetic delimitation, Biodiversity Data Journal 11, pp. 86921-86921 : 86921

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Macellicephala Sigalionidae sp. (NHM_1093)


Sigalionidae sp. (NHM_1093)


Type status: Other material. Occurrence: catalogNumber: NHMUK ANEA 2023.569 ; recordNumber: NHM_1093; recordedBy: Adrian Glover | Helena Wiklund | Thomas Dahlgren | Madeleine Brasier; individualCount: 1; preparations: specimen stored in 80% non-denatured ethanol aqueous solution | DNA voucher stored in buffer; otherCatalogNumbers: 0174126787; associatedSequences: OQ746615 View Materials (16S) | OQ746875 View Materials (18S); occurrenceID: 9C1DA962-69F9-554E-BCA3-0F65FE4C4914; Taxon: taxonConceptID: Sigalionidae sp. (NHM_1093); scientificName: Sigalionidae; kingdom: Animalia; phylum: Annelida; class: Polychaeta; order: Phyllodocida; family: Sigalionidae; taxonRank: family; scientificNameAuthorship: Kinberg, 1856; Location: waterBody: Pacific; stateProvince: Clarion Clipperton Zone; locality: Ocean Mineral Singapore exploration claim Stratum A ; verbatimLocality: OMS Stratum A; maximumDepthInMeters: 4100; locationRemarks: Deployment EB 05; at Station S 2; from R/ V Thomas G. Thompson Cruise no. TN319; verbatimLatitude: 12'06.93; verbatimLongitude: 117'09.87; decimalLatitude: 12.1155; decimalLongitude: -117.1645; geodeticDatum: WGS84; Identification: identifiedBy: Helena Wiklund | Lenka Neal | Thomas Dahlgren | Adrian Glover | Madeleine Brasier | Regan Drennan | Eva Stewart; dateIdentified: 2021-04-20; identificationRemarks: identified by DNA and morphology; Event: eventID: OMS1_AB02_EB05; samplingProtocol: Brenke Epibenthic Sledge; eventDate: 2015-02-26; eventTime: 21:29; habitat: Abyssal plain; fieldNotes: Collected from epi net (on the epibenthic sledge); Record Level: language: en; institutionCode: NHMUK; collectionCode: ZOO; datasetName: ABYSSLINE; basisOfRecord: PreservedSpecimen GoogleMaps GoogleMaps


Eastern Clarion-Clipperton Zone, central Pacific Ocean.


Damaged specimen (Fig. 116 View Figure 116 ) consistent with placement within family Sigalionidae , based on morphology and DNA.