Liriomyza baptisiae (Frost)

Lonsdale, Owen, 2011, The Liriomyza (Agromyzidae: Schizophora: Diptera) of California 2850, Zootaxa 2850 (1), pp. 1-123 : 27-29

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Liriomyza baptisiae (Frost)


Liriomyza baptisiae (Frost) View in CoL

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Agromyza baptisiae Frost 1931: 275 View in CoL .

Liriomyza baptisiae View in CoL . Frick 1952a: 402, 1959: 402; Spencer 1969: 169, 1981: 218; Spencer & Steyskal 1986: 115.

Wing length 1.6–1.9mm (♂), 2.2mm (♀). Length of ultimate section of vein CuA 1 divided by penultimate section: 1.7–2.5. Eye height divided by gena height: 3.2–5.5. Scutum shining. Parafacial and orbital plate slightly projecting.

Chaetotaxy: Two ori, two ors. Acrostichal setulae in four rows.

Colouration: Calypter margin and hairs grey. Base colour of head varies from light yellow to light brown; back of head, ocellar tubercle, posterolateral corner of frons (encompassing base of both vertical bristles), clypeus, palpus and entire antenna dark brown; lateral margin of frons brown with stripe extending onto parafacial and sometimes encompassing base of fronto-orbitals; face brown; gena dirty to light yellow. Scutum dark with lateral margin yellow presuturally (brown spot on postpronotum relatively large) and region above wing base yellowish; laterotergites dark. Pleuron dark with posterodorsal margin of katepisternum yellowish. Legs dark brown with apex of fore femur sometimes yellowish and if so, then apex of mid and hind femora also sometimes yellowish. Abdomen dark brown.

Genitalia: Figs 37–40 View FIGURES 37–42 . Surstylus with single subapical spine. Paraphallus possibly homologous with one pair of transverse petal-shaped lobes that are fused medially to each other and distiphallus. Hypophallus prominent with long hairs along medial and apical margins. Mesophallus not evident. Distiphallus large, slightly tapering basally (seen ventrally), with one pair of thin elongate-oval apicoventral plates and one pair of small fringed structures in distal chamber. Ejaculatory apodeme with pileus ejaculatorius dark; stem nearly absent; base very broad and asymmetrical; blade large and dark, becoming paler apically excluding dark marginal stripe; base of duct dark.

Hosts. Fabaceae Baptisia tinctoria , Lupinus pratensis , L. latifolius , L. laxiflorus , Lupinus sp.

Range. Canada. Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan. USA. California [Alpine, Del Norte*, El Dorado, Humboldt*, Mono *, Monterey*, Santa Cruz, Siskiyou*, Ventura*], Colorado, Montana, Pennsylvania, Washington *.

Type material. Holotype, USA. Pennsylvania: Arendtsville , 1.viii.1927, S.W. Frost, Baptisa tincticoria. Type No. 62962 (1♂, USNM).

Additional material examined. USA. California: Del Norte Co., Darlingtonia Trail, Six Rivers Natl. For., 41°51’00”N, 123°54’27”, 192m, S.D. Gaimari,, ex. trail by Darlingtonia bog (1♂, CSCA), Six Rivers NF Route 16N02, nr. Bear Basin Outlk, 41.8016°N, 123.7369°W, 1500m,–24.vii.2009, P. Kerr & O. Lonsdale (1♂, CSCA), El Dorado Co., Pollock Pines, 14.vii.1948, ex. larva Lupinus latifolius Agardh., Lot No. 79-4, K.E. Frick (1♂, CASC), Humboldt Co., Shivley, 4.ii.1968, B.P. Bliven (1♀, CASC), Mono Co., Toms Place, Rock Creek Campground, 2195m, 4–5.vii.1967, P.H. Arnaud, Jr. (1♂, CASC), Monterey Co., Los Padres Nat. For., Antonio R. below Escondido, 22.v.1977, D.D. Wilder (1♀, CASC), Siskiyou Co., Bear Basin, 8000’, 9.viii.1967, L. Eighme (1♀, CASC), Ventura Co., Wagon Road No. 2 Campground, spring, 18 air mi WSW Gorman ca. 1585m, 5.vii.1968, P.H. Arnaud, Jr. (1♂, CASC), Washington: 15mi W of Kettle Falls, 14.vii.1960, W.F. Rapp (1♂, CSCA), Mt. Rainier, Ararat Mt., 7.viii.1922, A.L. Melander (1♂, USNM), Mt. Rainier, A.L. Melander, 14.viii.1940 (1♂, USNM), 7.viii.192[?] (1♂, USNM), viii.1917 (1♀, USNM).

Comments. The EMEC female from Marin Co. mentioned by Spencer (1981) has been tentatively identified as Liriomyza paumensis .


Smithsonian Institution, National Museum of Natural History


California State Collection of Arthropods


Departamento de Geologia, Universidad de Chile














Liriomyza baptisiae (Frost)

Lonsdale, Owen 2011

Liriomyza baptisiae

Spencer, K. A. & Steyskal, G. C. 1986: 115
Spencer, K. A. 1981: 218
Spencer, K. A. 1969: 169
Frick, K. E. 1959: 402
Frick, K. E. 1952: 402

Agromyza baptisiae

Frost, S. W. 1931: 275
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