Craspedomerus, AND ITS ALLIES

Li, Liang & Zhou, Hong-Zhang, 2011, Revision and phylogenetic assessment of the rove beetle genus Pseudohesperus Hayashi, with broad reference to the subtribe Philonthina (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae: Staphylinini), Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society 163 (3), pp. 679-722 : 693

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Bernhauer (1911) established the genus Craspedomerus and   with this genus as the type genus (monotype). He also erected the subtribe Craspedomerina   (originally as Craspedomeri) in the tribe Staphylinini   of the subfamily Staphylininae   . The genus as well as the subtribe was established mainly based on the presence of an additional oblique line connecting the superior and inferior lines of the pronotal hypomeron ( Bernhauer, 1911; Cameron, 1932; Smetana, 1995). This line, however, was considered recently as a ventral-deflected part of the superior line rather than a separate one, and thus the subtribe was treated as a junior synonym of the subtribe Philonthina   and the only included genus Craspedomerus   was moved to the subtribe Philonthina ( Smetana & Davies, 2000)   . Schillhammer (1998, 2005) established the genera Hybridolinus Schillhammer, 1998   and Shaverdolena Schillhammer, 2005   , respectively, and proposed the close relationships of Hybridolinus   and Shaverdolena   with Craspedomerus   based on comparative morphology. The present phylogenetic analysis supported this and the transfer of Craspedomerus   to Philonthina   by Smetana & Davies (2000).