Pseudohesperus, HAYASHI, 2008

Li, Liang & Zhou, Hong-Zhang, 2011, Revision and phylogenetic assessment of the rove beetle genus Pseudohesperus Hayashi, with broad reference to the subtribe Philonthina (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae: Staphylinini), Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society 163 (3), pp. 679-722 : 697

publication ID 10.1111/j.1096-3642.2011.00731.x

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Hayashi, 2008: 145 (species included: Philonthus cf. eustilbus Kraatz, 1859   and Philonthus rutiliventris Sharp, 1874   ).

Type species: Philonthus rutiliventris Sharp, 1874   ; originally designated by Hayashi, 2008.

Diagnosis: The genus Pseudohesperus   may be easily recognized by the combination of the following character states: antennae long, basal three segments polished, third segment long, more or less three times as long as wide; maxillary palpi long with fourth segment rod-like and distinctly longer and narrower than penultimate segment; labial palpi moderately long, with last segment slightly longer than second; gular sutures more or less separated at base; first four segments of protarsus in both sexes simple, not dilated, lacking modified pale setae ventrally; pronotum more or less densely punctate, narrowly impunctate along midline; mesoventrite with apical portion distinctly and abruptly convex ventrad, lacking transversal carina; marginal carina of mesocoxal acetabuli more or less straight; abdomen with tergites III–V bearing two basal carinae; basal carina of sternite III extended apicad into arcuate process; sternite VIII of male variably emarginate medioapically, with semimembranous extension; sternite IX of male with basal portion asymmetrical, apical portion with or without a pair of long, modified rod-like extensions; paramere of aedeagus with sensory peg setae.