Tmarus hazevensis Levy, 1973, Levy, 1973

Levy, Gershom, 2007, Calommata (Atypidae) and new spider species (Araneae) from Israel, Zootaxa 1551, pp. 1-30: 19-21

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Tmarus hazevensis Levy, 1973


Tmarus hazevensis Levy, 1973  

Figs. 49, 50

Adult male from edge of salt marsh near Yotvata (700612 / 306873), Israel, leg. Uri Shanas, July 31, 2003, pitfall trap ( HUJ 15479 View Materials ).

Description. Carapace with scattered fine dots and reddish-brown streaks on light background. Sternum dark and labium light coloured. Opisthosoma dorsally with black and white wrinkles surrounding posterior tubercle; venter dark. Light legs covered by dark dots, rather dense on anterior pairs.

Male. Measurements: total length 4.7; carapace length 1.9, width 1.7, index 1.1; femur II length 3.2, width 0.4, length/width 8.

Palpus. Embolar coils branching off centrally on mesal side of tegulum; tegulum devoid of protuberances (Fig. 49). Tibia with three apophyses: a bent, partly dark coloured, ventral apophysis, a triangular, pointed intermediate apophysis and a twisted retrolateral apophysis originating on dark, round swelling (Fig. 50).

Diagnosis. The formerly unknown male of Tmarus hazevensis   resembles the male of T. piochardi ( Simon, 1866)   very closely (Figs. 49–52). The two can be separated by the different trajectory of the embolus from its starting point (Figs.49, 51) and primarily by the shape of the tibial intermediate and retrolateral apophyses (Figs. 50, 52). Tmarus hazevensis   differs by these characters also from all other Tmarus   species.

Distribution. Israel, southern parts of the country. Records: Nahal Sekher (sands), Avedat, Hazeva, Borot Shivya (706974 / 383166), Yotvata area.

Comments. Adult males and females were collected in April, June, July and October. The subtle differences between the males of the local Tmarus   species may be easily overlooked and their separation requires a very careful inspection.

FIGURES 47 –50, 47, 48. Ebo eremus Levy, 1999   , ɗ, left palpus. 47. Ventral view. 48. Retrolateral view. 49, 50. Tmarus hazevensis Levy, 1973   , ɗ, left palpus. 49. Ventral view. 50. Retrolateral view.

FIGURES 51 –55, 51, 52. Tmarus piochardi ( Simon, 1866)   , ɗ, left palpus. 51.Ventral view. 52. Retrolateral view. 53– 55. Ozyptila clavigera   (O.P.- Cambridge, 1872), ɗ, left palpus. 53. Mesal view. 54. Ventral view. 55. Retrolateral view.


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