Paracedicus geshur, Levy, Gershom, 2007

Levy, Gershom, 2007, Calommata (Atypidae) and new spider species (Araneae) from Israel, Zootaxa 1551, pp. 1-30: 11-12

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Paracedicus geshur

n. sp.

Paracedicus geshur   n. sp.

Figs. 23–28

Holotype adult male and paratype adult female from Geshur   , southern Golan (754049 / 627231; 365 m), Israel, leg. Rakefet Sharon, December 1998, pitfall trap ( HUJ 15411 View Materials ).

Etymology. The specific name is a noun in apposition referring to the type locality.

Description. Colouration as in P. baram   n. sp.

Male. Measurements (holotype + 10 ɗɗ; holotype listed first): total length 5.9, 5.0– 6.2; carapace length 2.8, 2.4 –3.0, width 1.9, 1.7–2.2, index 1.47, 1.36–1.47; clypeal index 1.50, 1.43–2.33; anterior lateral eyes largest; chelicerae with 6–7 promarginal and 4 retromarginal teeth; leg lengths: I 7.5, 6.8–8.2, II 6.6, 6.1–7.5, III 5.8, 5.5–6.4, IV 7.7, 6.7–8.2; patella-tibia index 0.96, 0.96–1.08.

Palpus. Relatively small. Strong median apophysis closely attached to basal part of embolus (Figs. 23, 24); fine embolus terminates with partly spiriferous tip (Figs. 23–25); patella bears black attenuated apophysis (Figs. 24, 26).

Female. Measurements (3 ΨΨ): total length 6.3–6.6; carapace length 2.8 –3.0, width 2.0– 2.2, index 1.36– 1.45; clypeal index 2.0– 2.1; anterior lateral eyes largest; chelicerae with 6–7 promarginal and 4–5 retromarginal teeth; leg lengths: I 6.5–6.8, II 5.6–6.2, III 5.0– 5.5, IV 6.9–7.1; patella-tibia index 0.80–0.89.

Epigynum   . Small. Almost round, light central space traversed posteriorly by narrow, lip-like brown lobe (Fig. 27). Spermathecal tubes bear yellow distended bodies with attached pieces of transparent membranes (Fig. 28).

Diagnosis. The configuration of the male palpal sclerites and the shape of the female epigynum   of the new species are distinctive features of the Cedicus   group of taxa in general, and of Paracedicus   characters in particular. The shape of the male strong median palpal apophysis and the shape of the filamentous embolic tip, and the shape of the inner spermathecae of the female, distinguish P. geshur   n. sp. clearly from all other Paracedicus   species.

Distribution. Israel: Southern Golan, probably Syria. Records: Israel: Ramat Magshimim (762905 / 634421), Geshur   .

Comment. Adults were collected by using pitfall traps between October and January.


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