Euryrhynchus burchelli Calman, 1907

Santos, Maria Aparecida Laurindo dos, Castro, Patrícia Madedo de & Magalhães, Célio, 2018, Freshwater shrimps (Crustacea, Decapoda, Caridea, Dendrobranchiata) from Roraima, Brazil: species composition, distribution, and new records, Check List (Washington, D. C.: 1974) 14 (1), pp. 21-35: 24

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Euryrhynchus burchelli Calman, 1907


Euryrhynchus burchelli Calman, 1907   ( Figs 2A–E, 6)

Identification characters ( Fig. 2A–E). Rostrum triangular, depressed, unarmed, usually not reaching distal margin of cornea. Carapace smooth, antennal tooth present; abdomen smooth, pleura of second somite enlarged and overlapping pleuron of first and third somites. Telson with posterior margin convex, its posterolateral angles with 2 pair of spines, inner pair distinctly larger than outer one. P2 (second pair of chelipds) similar in shape, not in size; merus with 2 spines on inner margin, carpus with 1 subterminal, sharp spine on inner distal margin. Male Plp2 with endopod longer than exopod; endopod bearing 2 rows of setae on inner margin distally to reduced appendix interna.

Material examined. 36 spec. ( INPA 2406), Caracaraí, vila Petrolina do Norte, Viruá National Park, [1°42ʹ25ʺ N, 061°10ʹ24ʺ W], 17–24-VII-2008, coll. J.D. do Vale; 1 male 1 ovig. female ( INPA 2334), Caracaraí, igarapé Defrento, tributary of rio Anauá, 10°28ʹ54.8136ʺ N, 061°14ʹ11.5791ʺ W, 24-IX-2006, coll. L. H. Rapp Py-Daniel.

Distribution. Brazil (Amazonas, Amapá, Pará, Roraima [new record]) (see Pimentel and Magalhães 2014 for references; present study). The distribution in Roraima is shown in Figure 6.

Remarks. The morphology of our specimens agrees quite well with the description provided by Holthuis (1951) and Melo (2003). No significative intraspecific variability was noticed.


Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas da Amazonia