Sclerothyone Thandar, 1989

Thandar, Ahmed S., 2008, Additions to the holothuroid fauna of the southern African temperate faunistic provinces, with descriptions of new species, Zootaxa 1697 (1), pp. 1-57 : 14-15

publication ID 10.11646/zootaxa.1697.1.1

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scientific name

Sclerothyone Thandar, 1989


Genus Sclerothyone Thandar, 1989

Diagnosis (After Thandar 1989, amended herein)

Tentacles 10, ventral-most two much reduced. Podia in double rows, restricted to ambulacra; interambulacra mostly naked. Calcareous ring compact, non-tubular, posterior processes of radial plates very long,

entire or subdivided. Body wall tables with regular, oval, four-holed discs, with or without a half-ring on one side, and large, irregular multilocular discs, spire arched or of two separate or fused pillars.


Thandar (1989) erected the subfamily Sclerothyoninae to accommodate his two monotypic genera Sclerothyone and Temparena , the former erected for Cucumaria ? velligera Ludwig & Heding, 1935 . Three specimens in the present collections are quite close to S. velligera but not identical with it. They are considered to represent a new species here described as S. unicolumnus , hence the diagnosis of the genus is amended to accommodate it.