Prothymidia angusticollis angusticollis (Boheman, 1848)

Serrano, Artur R. M., Capela, Rúben A. & Oesterle, Andreas, 2015, Three new species of tiger beetles and new data on Cicindelina species from Angola (Coleoptera: Carabidae: Cicindelinae), Zootaxa 4032 (2), pp. 151-178 : 153

publication ID 10.11646/zootaxa.4032.2.1

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Prothymidia angusticollis angusticollis (Boheman, 1848)


Prothymidia angusticollis angusticollis (Boheman, 1848) View in CoL

Distribution in Angola (provinces): 1) Benguela, Malanje, Huambo, Huíla and Namibe; 2) Kwanza Sul and Bié.

Material examined: Chitembo (coord.: 13º 22´40.78´´ S, 16º 41´58.07´´ E, 1666 m alt., 281) ( BIÉ), 30.X.2014, 1♂, 1♀, DO, A. Serrano leg., ASC; Cachingues-Chipica (coord.: 13º 10´15.74´´ S, 16º 45´48.17´´ E, 1649 m alt., 281) ( BIÉ), 1.XI.2014, 12♂, 22♀, DO, A. Serrano & R. Capela leg., ASC; Chitembo (coord.: 13º 22´40.78´´ S, 16º 41´58.07´´ E, 1666 m alt., 281) ( BIÉ), 1.XI.2014, 1♀, DO, A. Serrano leg., ASC; Catota (coord.: 14º 00´37.17´´ S, 17º 24´00.33´´ E, 1532 m alt., 323) ( BIÉ), 2.XI.2014, 10♂, 5♀, 3.XI.2014, 3♂, 6♀, DO, A. Serrano & R. Capela leg., ASC; Kakande (coord.: 12º 42´50.73´´ S, 16º 45´33.19´´ E, 1716 m alt., 233) ( BIÉ), 4.XI.2014, 1♂, 1♀, DO, A. Serrano leg., ASC; Calulo‒Cabuta (coord.: 9º 53´59.88´´ S, 14º 54´27.36´´ E, 831 m alt., 128) (KWANZA SUL), 5.XI.2014, 2♀, DO, A. Serrano leg., ASC.

Remarks. A wide spread species throughout Africa south of the Sahara, but only common in southern and eastern Africa ( Werner 2000a). The genus Prothymidia Rivalier, 1957 is represented in Angola by 2 species ( Serrano & Capela 2013). Prothymidia angusticollis (Fig. 8a), despite have been already recorded for several provinces of Angola (Serrano & Capela op. cit.) is a new record for Kwanza Sul and Bié provinces. The species occurs usually in savannah and open secondary forest habitats. The adults were found beneath the herbaceous vegetation in the edges of countryside roads or within the litter which covered the soil, running quickly when disturbed. Further adult specimens of tiger beetles were collected in the same habitats namely Dromica similis Cassola, 1980 , Trichodela nubifera (Quedenfeldt, 1883) , Lophyra (Stenolophyra) infuscatula (W. Horn, 1915) , Lophyra (Stenolophyra) saraliensis (Guérin-Méneville, 1849) and Cylindera (Ifasina) agualusai sp. n. in Cachingues‒Chipica (Fig. 8b) or Dromica fredericoi Serrano & Capela, 2015 , Dromica pentheri W. Horn, 1899 , Dromica serietuberculata f. lundana Basilewsky, 1965, Trichotaenia pepetela sp. n., Lophyra (Stenolophyra) uncivittata (Quedenfeldt, 1883) and Cylindera (Ifasina) agualusai sp. n. in Catota (see Fig. 11 View FIGURE 11 in Serrano & Capela 2015) or even Trichotaenia nzingae sp. n., Ophryodera rufomarginata poggei (Harold, 1878) , Ophryodera smrzi Werner, 2005 , Elliptica muata f. parallelestriata (W. Horn, 1923), L. (Stenolophyra) infuscatula , L. (Stenolophyra) saraliensis and Lophyra (Stenolophyra) sumlini Cassola, 1976 at Kakande.


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