Brachiacantha erythrura Mulsant, 1850

Nestor-Arriola, Jorge Ismael, Toledo-Hernandez, Victor Hugo, Solis, Angel, Gonzalez, Guillermo & Vetrovec, Jaroslav, 2021, The Brachiacantha Dejean, 1837 (Coleoptera, Coccinellidae) of Central America, ZooKeys 1024, pp. 157-196 : 157

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Brachiacantha erythrura Mulsant


Brachiacantha erythrura Mulsant

Brachyacantha erythrura Mulsant, 1850: 530. Crotch 1874: 211. Gorham 1894: 187. Leng 1911: 302. Nestor-Arriola and Toledo-Hernández 2019: 545.

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Material listed in Nestor-Arriola and Toledo-Hernández (2019).


Length 3.8-3.9 mm, width 2.8-2.9 mm. Dorsally black, head and posterior margin of the elytron red, orange or yellow. Ventral surface light brown to orange. Third ventrite of the male with small cusps. Penis guide of the male genitalia asymmetrical, without apical hook.


México and Central America.


This species can be confused with some specimens of B. quadrillum LeConte, but the third ventrite cusps of B. erythrura are much smaller and the male genitalia lack the apical hook.