Apallaga Strand, 1911,

Collins, Steve C., 2017, Observations on the biology of Afrotropical Hesperiidae (Lepidoptera). Part 12. New information and corrections, Zootaxa 4312 (3), pp. 471-496: 484

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Apallaga Strand, 1911


Apallaga Strand, 1911 

Libert (2014) re-established the genus Apallaga Strand  , with type species A. mokeezi  , for a monophyletic group based on barcodes that includes the species with orange markings as well some black and white species of similar biology, but proved far more complex and species-rich than previous treatments ( Evans 1937, Ackery et al. 1995). Libert (2014) recognised 12 clades within Apallaga  , of which we have reared representatives of the galenus  clade ( A. opalinus (Butler)  , A. kakamegae Libert, A. biseriata (Butler))  and kimboza clade ( A. sanjeensis Kielland  ) only. In Cock & Congdon (2011b, Figure 34) we illustrated an adult as Celaenorrhinus intermixtus evansi Berger. Based  on Libert (2014) this is A. lourentis (de Jong)  , but we note that Libert’s A. lourentis  has an identical barcode to his A. evansi (Berger)  (barcodes in BOLD), suggesting that A. lourentis  will prove to be a synonym or subspecies of A. evansi  .

Libert (2014) illustrates four caterpillars and three pupae of the galenus  clade from TCEC’s work in Tanzania ( Table 1). We have associated these with their corresponding caterpillars, pupae and, where possible, adults ( Figures 15–17View FIGURE 15View FIGURE 16View FIGURE 17), and clarified some identifications.