Tyrannoraptor, Mendes & Oliveira & Chamorro-Rengifo & Rafael, 2018

Mendes, Diego Matheus De Mello, Oliveira, Jomara Cavalcante De, Chamorro-Rengifo, Juliana & Rafael, José Albertino, 2018, Two new genera of predatory katydids (Orthoptera: Tettigoniidae: Meconematinae) from the Amazon rainforest, Zootaxa 4438 (2), pp. 261-282: 273

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gen. nov.

Tyrannoraptor   gen. nov. Mendes, Oliveira, Chamorro-Rengifo & Rafael

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Type species. Tyrannoraptor arboreus ( Nickle, 2003)   nov. comb.

Etymology. From Latin word tyrannus = tyrant, and raptor = thief, in reference to the voracious predatory habit observed of this species.

Grammatical gender. Masculine.

Diagnosis. Stridulatory file sinuous ( Fig. 13A –B View FIGURE 13 ). Cerci long, conical, curving inwards from base to beginning of apical portion ( Fig. 11I –K View FIGURE 11 ); inner margin of apical portion with numerous curved spines arranged in a row ( Fig. 11I –K View FIGURE 11 ). Styli short, slender, dorso-ventrally flattened, parallel from the base to median portion and curved inward at the apex ( Fig. 11I –K View FIGURE 11 ). Styli half the length of cerci ( Fig. 11J –K View FIGURE 11 ). Titillatory process and titillator not developed ( Fig. 14A –D View FIGURE 14 ).