Rhaestus ophthalmicus (Holmgren, 1857)

Humala, Andrei E. & Reshchikov, Alexey, 2014, Ichneumonidae (Hymenoptera) species new to the fauna of Norway, Biodiversity Data Journal 2, pp. 1047-1047: 1047

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Rhaestus ophthalmicus (Holmgren, 1857)


Rhaestus ophthalmicus (Holmgren, 1857)  


Type status: Other material. Occurrence: recordedBy: John O. Solem; individualCount: 4; sex: males; Taxon: order: Hymenoptera; family: Ichneumonidae; genus: Rhaestus; specificEpithet: ophthalmicus; scientificNameAuthorship: (Holmgren, 1857); Location: country: Norway; stateProvince: Sør-Trøndelag; verbatimLocality: Oppdal, Kongsvoll, Blesbekken; Identification: identifiedBy: Alexey Reshchikov; Event: samplingProtocol: Malaise trap; eventDate: 10.VII.1980; Record Level: institutionCode: NTNU  


Palaearctic; Sweden, Finland and NW Russia (Karelia, Leningrad region).