Haplothrips rosai Bianchi

Mound, Laurence A. & Matsunaga, Janis N., 2017, The species of Haplothrips (Thysanoptera, Phlaeothripinae) and related genera recorded from the Hawaiian Islands, ZooKeys 662, pp. 79-92: 86

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Haplothrips rosai Bianchi


Haplothrips rosai Bianchi  


Described from three female and three male micropterae collected on Hawaii in the vicinity of Volcano, a single male of this species was taken in July 2016 on the lower slopes of Haleakala, Maui. In general appearance if is similar to davisi   , but the pronotal anteromarginal pair of setae are no longer than the pronotal discal setae (Fig. 15), the major setae on tergite IX are shorter than the tube, and the male has a conspicuous transverse pore plate on the eighth sternite. Antennal segments III and IV each bear two rather weak and slender sense cones, and segment VIII is unusual in being constricted to the base. As with davisi   , this apparently endemic species is probably mycophagous.