Ampithoe cookana Peart, 2007

Myers, Alan A., 2012, Amphipoda (Crustacea) from Palau, Micronesia: Families Ampeliscidae, Ampithoidae, Aoridae, Colomastigidae and Cyproideidae, ZooKeys 193, pp. 1-25: 5-6

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Ampithoe cookana Peart, 2007


Ampithoe cookana Peart, 2007   Figure 5

Ampithoe cookana   Peart 2007b, 13, figs 7-10.- Hughes and Lowry 2009, 154, figs 1-2.

Material examined.

2 males, 10 females, 4 immature, OUMNH.ZC.2002-24-0081, Beluu Lukes Reef, drop off, 15 m depth; from Melophlus sarasinorum   Thiele, 1899 ( Porifera   : Ancorinidae   ); 07°17.530'N, 134°30.870'E; leg. S. De Grave & C. Burras, 2 June 2002; 4 males, 7 females, OUMNH.ZC.2002-24-0082, Ngeritaal Pass, from Polycarpa captiosa   (Sluiter, 1885) ( Ascidiacea   : Styelidae   ), 5 m depth; 07°19.223'N, 134°28.271'E; leg. S. De Grave & C. Burras, 20 May 2002.


Present material agrees well with the original description of the species from the Cook Islands (Peart, 2007b) as well as with material from the Great Barrier Reef, Australia by Hughes and Lowry (2009). Specimens in the current collection from Palau reach a maximum length of 6.5 mm.


Australia (New South Wales, Queensland); Palau.