Cryptonola confundata, László, 2022

László, Gyula M., 2022, Taxonomic studies on Afrotropical Nolinae: review of the Afrotropical taxa of the genus Hampsonola László, Ronkay & Ronkay, 2015, descriptions of five new genera and five new species and introduction of a new synonymy (Lepidoptera, Nolidae), Zootaxa 5169 (2), pp. 147-164 : 162

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Cryptonola confundata

sp. n.

Cryptonola confundata sp. n.

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Holotype. Male. “ Ivory Coast, 40m, Banco National park , 05°23’3.8”N, 04°03’11.2”W, 29.xi.–5.xii.2019, MV Light Trap, Aristophanous, M., Derozier, V., Moretto, P., Ouattara, S. leg.,ANHRT:2019.23”, unique id.: ANHRTUK 00134260, gen. slide No.: LGNA 1179, BOLD process/DNA barcode id.: ANLMN2807-21/ANHRTUK00134260 ( ANHRT). GoogleMaps

Paratypes. Ivory Coast. 1 female, Tai NP., Tai Research Station ( SRET), 174m, 05°50’00”N, 07°20’32.0W, 25.iii.–17.iv.2017 GoogleMaps , MV light, Aristophanous, A., Aristophanous, M., Geiser, M., Moretto, P. leg., ANHRT:2017.25, unique id.: ANHRTUK 00018629, gen. slide No.: LGNA, BOLD process/DNA barcode id.: ANLMN2786-21/ ANHRTUK00018629 ( ANHRT) .

Sierra Leone. 1 male, Western Area Peninsula Forest Reserve , 180m, N08°20’57”, W13°10’42” 24.x.2015, Light Trap, R. Goff coll., leg. Smith, R & Takano, H., unique id.: ANHRTUK 00194157, gen. slide No.: LGNA 290, BOLD process/DNA barcode id.: ANLMN2806-21/ANHRTUK00194157 ( ANHRT) .

Diagnosis. The diagnostic features of the new species are discussed under the diagnosis of the new monotypic genus Cryptonola .

Description. The external and genital morphology of Cryptonola confundata sp. n. are discussed under the description of the new monotypic genus Cryptonola .

Genetic information. The new species has been assigned the BIN URI: BOLD:AEJ7184. The intraspecific divergence is 0.46–1.40%. The nearest neighbour according to the BOLD database is a taxon identified as Meganola latifusca at 5.93% pairwise distance.

Etymology. The prefix “ confundatus ” in the specific name is a Latin adjective meaning “ confused ”, referring to the controversy between the external and genital morphology of the new taxon.