Zeadolopus exiguus Peck and Cook

Peck, Stewart B. & Cook, Joyce, 2014, A review of the small carrion beetles and the round fungus beetles of the West Indies (Coleoptera: Leiodidae), with descriptions of two new genera and 61 new species., Insecta Mundi 2014 (397), pp. 1-76: 27-28

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Zeadolopus exiguus Peck and Cook

new species

Zeadolopus exiguus Peck and Cook   , new species

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Diagnostic description. Body strongly convex. Length 1.0– 1.3 mm; greatest width 0.7–0.9 mm. Yellowish brown to reddish brown, shining, without microsculpture. Head finely, sparsely punctate. Antennal club moderately robust. Eyes large. Pronotum finely, sparsely punctate; sides rounded, posterior angles obtuse. Elytral striae weakly impressed; strial punctures large, closely spaced; interstriae finely, sparsely punctate. Flight wings fully developed. Vertical face of mesosternum broad, convex, not medially carinate. Metasternum with coarse, irregularly spaced punctures laterally; punctures smaller medially. Male mesofemur weakly produced near base of posterior margin; mesofemur unmodified in female. Male metafemur with toothlike process at apex of posterior margin; metafemur unmodified in female. In both sexes, meso- and metatibia broad and spinose. Male with more dense setae ventrally on pro- and mesotarsi. Median lobe of aedeagus ( Fig. 50 View Figures 50–58 ) elongate, broad, with inwardly curved, paired apices. Parameres moderately slender, weakly curved, extending beyond apex of median lobe, each bearing two apical setae. Inverted internal sac with elongate rod-like structure. Spermatheca tubular, weakly curved, weakly constricted at middle.

Type material. Holotype, male, with the following label data: “DOM[INICAN] REP[UBLIC]: Pedernales / 28 kmN Cabo Rojo, 760m / evergreen dry forest/ 29.XI–3.XII.91, intercept / trap, Masner & Peck, 91-349” ( SBPC)   . Paratypes (15) have the following label data: same data as holotype except: 26 kmN Cabo Rojo, 565 m, 91-347 (8, SBPC)   ; DOM. REP., Pedernales, 4kmW Oviedo , 10 m, arid thorn forest, 28.XI–4.XII.91, intercept traps, Masner & Peck, 91-344 (1, SBPC)   ; DOM. REP., Prov. Pedernales, 24 km N. Cabo Rojo, 610 m., 20.VIII–9.IX.1988, flight intercept trap, M.A. Ivie, T.K. Philips & K.A. Johnson (3, WIBF)   ; DOM. REP., Prov. Pedernales, ca. 35 km N. Cabo Rojo, 1250m, Las Abejas , 26.VIII–9.IX.1988, flight intercept trap, M. Ivie, Philips & Johnson (2, WIBF)   ; DOM. REP., Barahona, 7 kmNW Paraiso , rainforest remnant, 27.XI–4.XII.91, intercept tp, Masner & Peck, 91-341 (1, SBPC)   .

Distribution. Known only from Hispaniola.

Etymology. The epithet exiguus   (Latin, small) refers to the small size of this species.


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