Aglyptinus minutus Peck and Cook

Peck, Stewart B. & Cook, Joyce, 2014, A review of the small carrion beetles and the round fungus beetles of the West Indies (Coleoptera: Leiodidae), with descriptions of two new genera and 61 new species., Insecta Mundi 2014 (397), pp. 1-76: 54

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Aglyptinus minutus Peck and Cook

new species

Aglyptinus minutus Peck and Cook   , new species

Figures 78, 79 View Figures 70–91

Diagnostic description. Length 1.0– 1.2 mm; greatest width 0.7–0.9 mm. Shining; color reddish brown to nearly black; pronotal margins, venter, elytral epipleura and appendages paler. Head, pronotum and elytra minutely, sparsely punctate. Antennae long, reaching beyond pronotal base. Maxillary palps unmodified. Eyes reduced to a few facets. Wings greatly reduced. Metasternum minutely, sparsely punctate medially; with fine lines of microsculpture laterally. Male protarsi and mesotarsi densely setose; male legs otherwise unmodified. Aedeagus ( Fig. 78, 79 View Figures 70–91 ) short, broad, weakly arched dorsoventrally, rounded apically. Parameres lacking.

Type material. Holotype, male, with the following label data: “ CUBA: Granma / Parque Nacional Pico Turquino / Aguada de Joachin / 1370m, 20.015 -76.840, 3.II.2012 / R. Anderson, dry mixed forest litter/ 2012-023” ( SBPC) GoogleMaps   . Paratypes (63): with same data as holotype (5, SBPC) GoogleMaps   ; with same data except: Cerro Joachin peak, 1660m, 20.013 -76.834, wet cloud forest litter, 2012-022 (49, SBPC; 3, FSCA; 3, MCZC; 3, FMNH) GoogleMaps   .

Additional material examined. CUBA: Santiago de Cuba: Parque Nacional Gran Piedra, near La Isabellica , 1075m, 20.003 -75.613, 27.I.2012, R. Anderson, wet pluviselva litter, 2012-008 (6, SBPC) GoogleMaps   ; same data except: 1115m, 20.007 -75.619, 29.I.2012, 2012-013 (2, SBPC) GoogleMaps   ; same data except: near Museo Isabelica, 2012-003 (12, SBPC) GoogleMaps   ; Cuba: Santiago Prov., Gran Piedra , Met. Radar , 6.XII.1995, 1100m, elfin forest litter, S. Peck, 95-75 (2, SBPC)   ; same data except: Isabelica, 95-79 (1, SBPC)   ; Cuba: Alto de Menmo?, Pico Caracas , 5.III.2013, suelo, F. Cala (11, SBPC)   ; Cuba: Pico Caracas , 6.III.2013, suelo, F. Cala, A. Deler-H. (9, SBPC)   .

Distribution. Known only from Cuba.

Etymology. The epithet minutus   (Latin, small) refers to the size of this species.