Epicriopsis horridus ( Kramer, 1876 )

Barbar, Ziad, 2018, New mite records (Acari: Mesostigmata Trombidiformes) from soil and vegetation of some Syrian citrus agrosystems, Acarologia 58 (4), pp. 919-927: 920

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http://doi.org/ 10.24349/acarologia/20184298

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Epicriopsis horridus ( Kramer, 1876 )


Epicriopsis horridus ( Kramer, 1876)  

Specimens collected — Al-ya’robiyah: Five females from litter and soil under Eucalyptus  

sp., 7 and 9 April, 2017. This is the second ameroseiid species recorded from Syria (i.e., Ameroseius lidiae Bregetova   ; Barbar 2016). Epicriopsis horridus   occurs mostly in leaf litter and soil detritus and known from Europe and Asia ( Hajizadeh et al., 2013; Mašán, 2017).

The biology of mite species belonging to the genus Epicriopsis   is largely unknown ( Narita and Moraes, 2016).