Ciocalypta bustamanti, Sim-Smith & Hickman & Kelly, 2021

Sim-Smith, Carina, Hickman, Cleveland & Kelly, Michelle, 2021, New shallow-water sponges (Porifera) from the Galápagos Islands, Zootaxa 5012 (1), pp. 1-71 : 56

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Ciocalypta bustamanti

sp. nov.

Ciocalypta bustamanti sp. nov.

( Fig. 27 View FIGURE 27 )

Material examined. Holotype — MCCDRS9438, Punta Vicente Roca , Isabela Island, 0.049° S, 91.558° W, 12 m, 19 Jun 2001. GoogleMaps

Type locality. Punta Vicente Roca , Isabela Island .

Habitat and distribution. Only collected from type locality; 12 m, but was also observed at Islet Cowley , Isabela Island ; Roca Don Ferdi , Santiago Island; and León Dormido, San Cristóbal Island .

Description. A thinly encrusting basal mass from which arise numerous long, slender, conical fistules, ≤ 30 mm thick and 5 mm diameter at the base. A semi-translucent aquiferous drainage canal is visible down the length of the fistule. No visible oscules. Colour is light ochre in life, cream in ethanol. Texture is very soft. The surface is covered in encrusting filamentous algae ( Fig. 27A View FIGURE 27 ).

Skeleton. Fistules contain dense, centrally located primary tracts of styles from which emerge secondary tracts that radiate towards the surface ( Fig. 27B View FIGURE 27 ). Ectosome is indistinct and appears to be tangential where it occurs. Skeleton of the basal mass is confused.

Spicules. Megascleres— Two size classes of styles, though, there is little size separation between the two size classes. Styles I, 346 (319–372) × 8 (5–11) µm (n = 20). Styles II, 226 (161–282) × 6 (5–9) (n = 20) ( Fig. 27C–D View FIGURE 27 ).

Etymology. Named after Rodrigo Bustamante for his invaluable assistance in many ways to co-author Cleveland Hickman with logistics, making available laboratory space while at the Charles Darwin Research Station, and for help in the collection of these sponges.

Remarks. No other species of Ciocalypta have been described from the eastern Pacific; Ciocalypta bustamanti sp. nov. is a first record for the region.

Class Calcarea Bowerbank

Subclass Calcinea Bidder