Guizygiella Zhu, Kim & Song 1997,

Jäger, Peter, 2007, Spiders from Laos with descriptions of new species (Arachnida: Araneae), Acta Arachnologica 56 (1), pp. 29-58: 35

publication ID 10.2476/asjaa.56.29

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Guizygiella Zhu, Kim & Song 1997


Guizygiella Zhu, Kim & Song 1997 

The genus was described by Zhu et al. (1997). Zhu et al. (2003) include four species in this genus. Here, two species are recorded from Laos for the first time. Wunderlich (2004) placed the genus in the Zygiellidae. A free sector in the orb web as typical for Zygiellidae sensu Wunderlich could not be observed. Therefore, the family status of this genus remains uncertain. Representatives appear to live in disturbed habitats (trees in towns, hedges along streets, riversides in agricultural fields) and were — only rarely— collected from natural habitats.