Symphylella Silvestri,1902

Camacho, Miguel Domínguez & Vandenspiegel, Didier, 2012, Scolopendrellidae (Myriapoda, Symphyla) from the Afrotropics with descriptions of seven new species, European Journal of Taxonomy 32, pp. 1-28 : 2-3

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Symphylella Silvestri,1902


Genus Symphylella Silvestri,1902

Type species

Symphylella isabellae ( Grassi, 1886) , described in Italy.


Seventeen tergites, which means that the tergal areas 14 and 15 (fide Domínguez Camacho 2009: 108, fig. 4) are subdivided into two tergites each; first tergite smaller, tergites 2-13 and 15 with paired

triangular processes. First pair of legs reduced to hairy or spiny knobs, or spots. All tergites completely sclerotized and pubescent. Posterior border of last tergite straight.

Species reported in the Afrotropics

Symphylella is subcosmopolitan and is the most diversified scolopendrellid genus, with more than 50 described species. Three species have hitherto been reported from tropical Africa, with few citations of each. Below is a checklist, arranged in alphabetical order:

1. Symphylella foucquei Jupeau, 1954 : Réunion and Nosy-Bé ( Jupeau 1954; Rochaix 1956).

2. Symphylella isabellae ( Grassi, 1886) : Madagascar ( Rochaix 1956). This species is also present in Europe (e.g., Edwards 1959; Dethier 1998; Grassi 1886; Scheller 1978).

3. Symphylella vulgaris ( Hansen, 1903) : subcosmopolitan, the most widely distributed species of Symphyla so far known ( Scheller 1971). Earlier records from Tropical Africa are from Congo D.R., Tanzania and Kenya ( Hinschberger 1954 b; Ribaut 1914; Rochaix 1955), Madagascar ( Rochaix 1956) and the Réunion ( Jupeau 1954).