Larochea spirata, Geiger, Daniel L. & Marshall, Bruce A., 2012

Geiger, Daniel L. & Marshall, Bruce A., 2012, New species of Scissurellidae, Anatomidae, and Larocheidae (Mollusca: Gastropoda: Vetigastropoda) from New Zealand and beyond, Zootaxa 3344, pp. 1-33 : 29-31

publication ID 10.5281/zenodo.281437

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Larochea spirata

new species

Larochea spirata new species

( Figures 23–25 View FIGURE 23 View FIGURE 24 View FIGURE 25 )

Type material. Holotype ( NMNZ M. 172130: Fig. 23 View FIGURE 23 ). 1.35 × 1.54 mm. Paratypes from type locality ( NMNZ M.172127, 36: Figs 24–25 View FIGURE 24 View FIGURE 25 ).

Type locality. West Norfolk Ridge, W of Cape Reinga, New Zealand, 34.285 ˚S, 168.430 ˚E, 785–800 m, 2 June 2003, RV Tangaroa , comminuted coral and bryozoans.

Etymology. Spira, Latin for the spire, referring to the pronounced spire compared to other species in the genus.

Description. Shell medium size (to 1.5 mm. Figs 23–25 View FIGURE 23 View FIGURE 24 View FIGURE 25 ), trochiform, elevated, up to 20 % taller than wide ( NMNZ M. 172127: tallest specimen not shown). Protoconch of 0.75 whorl, flocculent sculpture with 3 indistinct spiral cords, no apertural varix, apertural margin straight. Teleoconch of up to 1.8 whorls, suture moderately impressed. Early teleoconch with shoulder showing approximately 20–22 indistinct axial cords, becoming more distinct with growth; spirals about ½ strength of axials, first spiral commencing after 0.33–0.5 whorl, approximately 25 at apertural margin; spirals running over axials forming minute elevated points. Axials becoming less distinct from suture towards base, sometimes vanishing entirely. Spirals transitioning at periphery from cords on shoulder to low steps on base of same density as on shoulder; axials barely perceptible on base. Anomphalous. Aperture oval, roof overhanging.

Animal unknown.

Distribution. West Norfolk Ridge, 785– 800 m.

Remarks. The elevated shell shape of large specimens immediately distinguishes this species from any other Larochea species. Additionally among New Zealand species, La. secunda Powell, 1937 lacks the spiral sculpture on the protoconch, while La. scitula Marshall, 1993 , from Wanganella Bank , West Norfolk Ridge has much stronger, more elevated axial cords, and La. miranda Finlay, 1927 lacks distinct axial sculpture.


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