Nallachius pulchellus Banks

Bowles, David E., Contreras-Ramos, A, Mariza & Ferro, Michael L., 2015, New distributional records for pleasing lacewings (Neuroptera: Dilaridae, Nallachius spp.) in the Americas, Insecta Mundi 2015 (406), pp. 1-10 : 4-6

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Nallachius pulchellus Banks


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The type specimen of Nallachius pulchellus is from Cuba, but the species is widely distributed throughout the Americas and, south of the United States, its distribution broadly overlaps with that of N. americanus . Oswald et al. (2002) noted that there were no published records of dilarids from Mexico, but that specimens of Nallachius pulchellus (Banks) were known from north of Mazatlán in Sinaloa and from Madre María Island off the coast of Nayarit. Later, Monserrat (2005) reported N. pulchellus from Jalisco, Mexico. In addition to those records, previously published occurrences for N. pulchellus are Arizona ( Carpenter 1940, Adams 1970), Costa Rica ( Hoffman 1990), and Dominican Republic ( Monserrat 2005). We recently examined museum specimens from CNIN-UNAM and FSCA that substantially increase the range of N. pulchellus in Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean. These include records from the states of Chiapas, Colima, Morelos, Puebla, Sinaloa, Sonora, and Veracruz, Mexico, representing the first published records for these states. Nallichus pulchellus previously had been recorded only from tropical dry forest in Mexico, but these recent collection records show the species inhabits a much broader range of habitats. We also report the occurrence of N. pulchellus from Honduras and Trinidad marking the first time the species has been recorded from those countries.

HONDURAS: Olancho: Sierra de Agalta , 8 km N.E. Catacamas, 30.iv.1993, 3000 ′, L. A. Stange, R. Miller, 2 males ( FSCA) . MEXICO: Chiapas: Ixtapa , 11.iv.1962, F. D. Parker, La. A. Stange, 1 male ( FSCA) ; Colima: 5.8 Km. NW, Ixtlahuacán , 19º 01’ 15.7” N, 103º 46’ 37.8” W, 25.iv.2006, S. Zaragoza, F. A. Noguera, E. González, E. Ramírez, L. Salas, blacklight trap, elevation 345 m, 1 male ( CNIN- UNAM) GoogleMaps ; Jalisco: El Limón, San Buenaventura , 19º 47.614’ N, 104º 03.324’ W, 9.ii.1997, S. Zaragoza, F. A. Noguera, E. González, E. Ramírez, blacklight trap, elevation 720 m, 1 male ( CNIN-UNAM) GoogleMaps ; same data, 6.xi.1996, 1 male ( CNIN-UNAM) GoogleMaps ; entre [between] San Buenaventura y [and] Los Yesos, 4 Km. SW San Buenaventura , 19º 45.722’ N, 104º 02.875’ W, 6.ii.1997, S. Zaragoza, F. A. Noguera, E. González, E. Ramírez, blacklight trap, elevation 740 m, 1 male ( CNIN-UNAM) GoogleMaps ; Morelos: Tlaquiltenango, Presa Lorenzo Vázquez W Huautla , Estación CEAMISH, 18º 27’ 53.59” N, 99º 02’ 21.32” W, 14.ii.1996, S. Zaragoza, F. A. Noguera, E. González, E. Ramírez, blacklight trap, elevation 940 m, 1 male ( CNIN- UNAM) GoogleMaps ; same data, 18º 27’ 47.51” N, 99º 02’ 07.9” W, 15.ii.1996, 1 male ( CNIN-UNAM) GoogleMaps ; same data, 13.iv.1996, 2 males ( CNIN-UNAM; all CNIN-UNAM specimens in 80% ethyl alcohol) GoogleMaps ; Puebla: 3 mi. E. Ixtapa de Matamoros , 24.IV.1962, F. D. Parker, L. A. Stange, 1 male ( FSCA) ; Sinaloa: 16 mi. S. Guamuchil, 20.v.1962, F. D. Parker, L. A. Stange, 2 female ( FSCA) ; Sonora: La Aduana, 22.v.1962, F. D. Parker, L. A. Stange, 1 male ( FSCA) ; Veracruz: Sumidero (near Fortín de las Flores ), Planta de la Cervecería Moctezuma (power plant in canyon), residence of Ing. Daniel Rábago , 19.v.1965, H. V. Weems, Jr., blacklight trap near stream, elevation 2500–3000 feet [762–1067 m], 1 male (in alcohol) ( FSCA) . TRINIDAD: Simla [William Beebe Tropical Research Station, 10 o 41 ′ 1 ″ N, 61 o 17 ′ W] 2-13.v.77, P. Feinsinger, Malaise trap, 2 males (in alcohol) ( FSCA) GoogleMaps . UNITED STATES: Arizona: Cochise Co., Coronado NF, Chiricahua Mts. , 31.86864° N, 109.18845° W, 31.vii.2010, Southfork FC, blacklight MV / UV (57), M. Ferro, 1 female ( LSAM) GoogleMaps ; same data, 04.viii.2012, 1 male ( LSAM) GoogleMaps ; Coronado NF, Chiricahua Mts. , 31º 50.431’ N, 109º 07.752’ W, 04.viii.2010, Sulphur Canyon, blacklight MV / UV, M. Ferro, 1 male ( LSAM) GoogleMaps .

Supplemental records. UNITED STATES: Arizona: Pima Co.: Gardner Canyon , 24.vii.2013, CreationsFinest, at light (877253) ; Santa Cruz Co.: Madera Canyon , upper parking lot, 4.ix.2013, M. Brummermann, (837080, 837138) .


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Florida State Collection of Arthropods, The Museum of Entomology


Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico


Royal British Columbia Museum - Herbarium


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