Saccharicoccus sacchari ( Cockerell, 1895 )

Caballero, Alejandro, Ramos-Portilla, Andrea Amalia & Kondo, Takumasa, 2017, Scale insects (Hemiptera: Coccomorpha) on sugarcane in Colombia, with description of a new species of Tillancoccus Ben-Dov (Coccidae), Zootaxa 4258 (5), pp. 490-500: 497

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Saccharicoccus sacchari ( Cockerell, 1895 )


Saccharicoccus sacchari ( Cockerell, 1895)  

Hosts. Oligophagous, only known from Poaceae   , on 11 plant species in 8 genera (Williams & Granara de Willink 1992, Ben-Dov 1994, Garcia et al. 2016).

Distribution. Cosmopolitan. In Colombia, it has been recorded in the departments of Antioquia, Caldas, Cauca, Nariño, Norte de Santander, Risaralda, Santander, Tolima and Valle del Cauca ( Kondo 2001, Kondo et al. 2008). Here we report S. sacchari   for the first time from the department of Caquetá.

Diagnostic characters. Circulus large, commonly described either as “hour-glass” shaped or “dumb-bell” shaped; with long setae on each margin of the fifth and posterior abdominal segments; minute flat or duct-like pores present on integument surrounding each hind coxa (Williams & Granara de Willink 1992)

Economic importance and control. Saccharicoccus sacchari   is a common pest of sugarcane in Hawaii ( Beardsley 1960; 1962). It has been considered as a possible vector of rice diseases in Cuba and India ( Uichanco & Villanueva 1932). In Colombia, it is considered a secondary pest of sugarcane crops, and rarely reaches levels to cause economic damage ( Bustillo 2013).

Material studied. COLOMBIA: Caldas: Supía , Vda. El Descanso, Fca. Ulises Valencia, 1136 m a.s.l., 05°25′13″N, 75°38′53″W, 21.x.2005, coll. A. Ramos, 10 ♀, UNAB voucher N° 835; Supía, Vda. Mudarra, Fca. René Posada, 1259 m a.s.l., 05°25′28″N, 75°38′33″W, 21.x.2005, coll. A. Ramos, 10 ♀, UNAB voucher N° 835 GoogleMaps   ; Caquetá: Florencia , Vda. Avenida Sebastopol, 826 m a.s.l., 01°44′57″N, 75°39′13″W, 13.x.2013, coll. J. Silva, associated with Pheidole biconstricta   , 10 ♀, UNAB voucher N° 835; Florencia, Vda. La Carbona, 674 m a.s.l., 01°42′01″N, 75°02′26″W, 12.x.2013, coll. J. Silva, associated with Crematogaster   sp. ( Formicidae   ) and Wasmannia auropunctata   ( Formicidae   ), 27 ♀, UNAB voucher N° 835; Florencia, Vda GoogleMaps   . San Luis, 458 m a.s.l., 01°41′09″N, 75°37′53″W, 12.x.2013, coll. J. Silva, associated with Linepithema   sp. and Pheidole   sp. ( Formicidae   ), 18 ♀, UNAB voucher N° 835; Florencia, Vda GoogleMaps   . San Luis, 388 m a.s.l., 01°41′01″N, 75°37′42″W, 11.x.2013, coll. E. Rojas, associated with Pheidole   sp., 12 ♀, UNAB voucher N° 835 GoogleMaps   ; Putumayo: Mocoa , Vda. Pumiyaco, Fca. Heraldo Viejo, 600 m a.s.l., 01°07ʹ6ʺN, 76°39ʹ15ʺW, 4.iii.2016, coll L. Parra, 11 ♀, UNAB voucher N° 835   ; Tolima: Líbano, Vda. Aguadurri, Fca. Cañabrava, 1280 m a.s.l., 04°55′36″N, 75°01′04″W, 7.vii.2006, coll. L. Lique, 8 ♀, UNAB voucher N° 835. GoogleMaps  

Note. All material collected off stems of S. officinarum   .


Universidad Nacional, Facultad de Agronomia