Psechrus mimus Chamberlin, 1924

Bayer, Steffen, 2012, The lace-sheet-weavers — a long story (Araneae: Psechridae: Psechrus), Zootaxa 3379 (1), pp. 1-170 : 145-151

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Psechrus mimus Chamberlin, 1924


Psechrus mimus Chamberlin, 1924

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Psechrus mimus Chamberlin 1924: 2 (Description of p.s.a. ♀). [Holotype p.s.a. ♀ (SB 191, label marked with ‘TYPE’) from CHINA: Jiangsu Province: Suzhou (‘Suchan’); N. Gist Gee leg.; Type No. 863; |A31|; USNM 1054; Paratypes: 1 p. s.a. ♀ (SB 603), 1 juv. (SB 723), with same data as for holotype; USNM (p.s.a. ♀), MCZ 1025 (juv.), all type material examined]. Lehtinen 1967: 261 (Syn. with P. torvus View in CoL , rejected by subsequent authors). Levi 1982: 123 (Syn. with P. sinensis View in CoL ). Xu and Wang 1983: 35, figs 1–7 (Illustration of ♂ and ♀). Song 1987: 68, fig. 34 (Illustration of ♂ and ♀). Song 1988: 133. Song et al. 1999: 397, figs 232E–F, Q–R (Illustration of ♂ and ♀). Wang and Yin 2001: 337 (Removed from syn. with P.sinensis View in CoL , considered as nomen dubium).

Psechrus sinensis View in CoL — Levi 1982: 123, figs 34–39, ad part, figs 36–39 misidentified (figs 36–37: illustration of p.s.a. ♀).

Remark: Wang and Yin (2001) considered P. mimus as nomen dubium giving the reason that “Chamberlin described P. mimus from an unidentifiable female juvenile...”. The holotype ( Figs 63h–i View FIGURES 63 ) as well as one paratype (SB 603) are herein considered pre-subadult females. Therefore, it is indeed very complicated, if not impossible, to assign these specimens to a particular species. In Psechrus females the pre-epigynes mostly show already speciesspecific characters, but the pre-pre-epigynes (of antepenultimate instar females) are hard to characterise. Hence, for now I agree with Wang and Yin (2001) in regarding P. mimus as nomen dubium. Nevertheless, it cannot be excluded, that P. senoculatus , which is regarded as valid species in the present study, is a synonym of P. mimus as proposed by Song (1988); however, there is no clear evidence for that. With additional material (including p.s.a. ♀♀, s.a. ♀♀ and adults) from the type locality, Suzhou, this problem may be solved.

m–o: Photos by Ping Feng, Dali, China.














Psechrus mimus Chamberlin, 1924

Bayer, Steffen 2012

Psechrus sinensis

Levi, H. W. 1982: 123

Psechrus mimus

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Lehtinen, P. T. 1967: 261
Chamberlin, R. V. 1924: 2
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