Nannaria "Happy Valley", " Happy Valley ", 2021

Means, Jackson C., Hennen, Derek A. & Marek, Paul E., 2021, A revision of the minor species group in the millipede genus Nannaria Chamberlin, 1918 (Diplopoda, Polydesmida, Xystodesmidae), ZooKeys 1030, pp. 1-180: 1

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Nannaria "Happy Valley"

incertae sedis

Nannaria "Happy Valley"   incertae sedis Fig. 119 View Figure 119

Material examined.

United States - North Carolina • 1 ♂ and 2 ♀♀; Caldwell County, 5 NW Lenoir, nr. Jct   . US 321 & NC 268, on paved drive nr. woods; 35.9819°N, - 81.5641°W; 19 Nov. 1979; E. Newton leg.; NCSM NAN0499. For detailed collection data see Suppl. material 7 GoogleMaps   .

Hypothesized placement.

Nannaria   "Happy Valley" specimens are hypothesized to be closely related to Nannaria minor   based on geographic proximity and the following combination of gonopodal characters: With wide distance between bases of acropodite and prefemoral process. Presence of medial flange near apex. Short, blunt distal zone. Nannaria   "Happy Valley" specimens differ from N. minor   based on the following combination of gonopodal characters: Acropodite medial flange much reduced in "Happy Valley". Prefemoral process directed ventrally at tip, not anteriorly as in N. minor   . Medial curve of acropodite abrupt, forming a nearly 90° angle (Fig. 119A View Figure 119 , red arrow), not smooth and gradual as in N. minor   . Acropodite basal zone extremely wide in medial view (Fig. 119B View Figure 119 , red triangle).