Martin, Jon H. & Lau, Clive S. K., 2011, The Hemiptera-Sternorrhyncha (Insecta) of Hong Kong, China-an annotated inventory citing voucher specimens and published records, Zootaxa 2847, pp. 1-122: 45-46

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Crypticerya jakobsoni (Green, 1913)  

see Icerya jacobsoni Green (1913)  

Crypticerya   undetermined sp. or spp

HK samples provisionally determined as Crypticerya   in BMNH, from Alchornea trewioides   , Litsea glutinosa   and undetermined host. These were initially cautiously placed in Steatococcus   prior to its placement as a junior synonym of Crypicerya by Unruh & Gullan (2008a, 2008b).

Drosicha corpulenta (Kuwana, 1902)  

Sample collected from Malvaviscus arboreus   at TLF was determined by Tang, but the whereabouts of vouchers is not known.

Drosicha frauenfeldi (Karsch, 1877)  

Described from HK but host plant was not indicated. Syntypes only males, depository unknown   .

Drosicha maskelli (Cockerell, 1902)  

Described by Maskell (1897) from HK under a homonym ( Monophlebus burmeisteri   ), the replacement name maskelli   proposed by Cockerell. Original material was collected from Gardenia florida   , with syntypes in USNM. Single HK sample in BMNH, from Citrus reticulata   .

Drosicha   undetermined sp. or spp. (Fig. 31)

Vouchers in BMNH, mostly single individuals, from Ficus hispida   , Malvaviscus arboreus var. penduliforus   , Schefflera heptaphylla   [= S. octophylla   ], and undetermined host.

Icerya aegyptiaca (Douglas, 1890)  

Vouchers in BMNH, from Alchornea trewioides   , Aporusa dioica   , Bridelia tomentosa   , Bridelia sp.   , Codiaeum variegatum var. pictum   , Ficus hirta   , Litsea rotundifolia   , Macaranga tanarius   and Psychotria asiatica   . Reported from HK by Lee & Winney (1981).

Icerya assamensis (Rao, 1951)  

Vouchers in BMNH, from Codiaeum variegatum var. pictum   , Gnetum luofuense   , Litsea glutinosa   and Rhodomyrtus sp.   Listed by Lee & Winney (1981) as Steatococcus   ? assamensis Rao.  

Icerya crocea Green (1896)  

Samples in BMNH, from Rubus reflexus   and Trema orientalis   , both at Fung Yuen village (NT).

Icerya formicarum Newstead (1897)  

Reported from HK by Tang & Hao (1995) —see ScaleNet.

Icerya jacobsoni Green (1913)  

Reported from HK by Tao (1999b) as Crypticerya jakobsoni   [sic], without reference to vouchers. Voucher specimen from Citrus sp.   in PPRD—see Appendix 4.

Icerya jaihind (Rao, 1951)   (cover and title page photograph)

Two samples in BMNH, from Litsea glutinosa   and Machilus velutina   . Also samples at PPRD, from Artocarpus hypargyreus   and Ficus variegata var. chlorocarpa   . Single sample from Syzygium jambos   due to be deposited in ANIC (P. Gullan, pers. comm.). This species has a spectacular appearance when its secreted woolly “fingers” and dorsal coating are intact—see title page photograph.

Icerya purchasi Maskell (1879)  

Vouchers in BMNH, from Cassia surattensis   , Casuarina sp.   , C. equisetifolia   , Citrus limon   , C. grandis   and Rosa sp.   Reported from HK by Lee & Winney (1981).

Icerya seychellarum (Westwood, 1855)  

Samples in BMNH, from Bridelia tomentosa   , Cinnamomum camphora   , Livistona chinensis   , Psidium guajava   , Syzygium jambos   and Trema orientalis   . Reported from HK by Lee & Winney (1981).

Icerya   undetermined sp. or spp

Two samples in BMNH, from Ficus microcarpa   and undetermined host.

Iceryini   , undetermined taxon

Small sample in BMNH from Bridelia tomentosa   , and much larger sample from undetermined Bridelia sp.  

Monophlebus burmeisteri Maskell (1897)  

see Drosicha maskelli (Cockerell, 1902)  

Steatococcus   ? assamensis Rao   see Icerya assamensis (Rao, 1951)  

Steatococcus spp  

see Crypt i cerya spp













Martin, Jon H. & Lau, Clive S. K. 2011

Monophlebus burmeisteri

Maskell 1897