Calodia periyari, Meshram, 2019

Meshram, Naresh M., 2019, Leafhopper tribe Coelidiini (Hemiptera: Cicadellidae: Coelidiinae) of the Indian subcontinent, Zootaxa 4653 (1), pp. 1-91: 13

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Calodia periyari

sp. nov.

Calodia periyari   sp. nov.

Figs.1 J View FIGURES 1 , 4 J View FIGURES 4 , 7 J View FIGURES 7 , 21 View FIGURES 21 A–G.

Male. Head ochraceous with brownish tinge, frontal sutures brown. Eyes brown with greenish tinge and ocelli black. Face yellow with lateral margins of frontclypeus narrowly brown. Pronotum and mesonotum dark brown with posterior margins pale. Forewing brown with hyaline costal margin, venation darker. Thoracic sternites with large fuscous and ochraceous markings. Legs ochraceous, bases of setae dark ( Figs. 1 J View FIGURES 1 , 4 J View FIGURES 4 , 7 J View FIGURES 7 ).

Male genitalia. Pygofer with short ventral process, small lobe on caudodorsal margin ( Fig. 21 G View FIGURES 21 ). Subgenital plate, long, slightly broader medially and slightly narrowed apically, with a few short, hair-like setae laterally ( Fig. 21 D View FIGURES 21 ). Style short and broad in basal ½ ( Fig. 21 E View FIGURES 21 ). Connective as long as wide at base ( Fig. 21 F View FIGURES 21 ). Aedeagus slightly curved in distal 1/3, with two glabrous processes, distal process about 4x longer than the proximal process, bases of processes separated by a distance 2x length of proximal process, gonopore arising distad of proximal process ( Figs. 21 View FIGURES 21 A–C).

Measurements. Male 6.9 mm long, 1.8 mm wide across eyes and 2.1 mm wide across posterolateral angles of pronotum.

Material examined. HOLOTYPE ♂, INDIA: Kerala: Thekkady , 884 m, 27.iii.1977, B. Mallik ( USAB).  

Etymology. The species is named after the Periyar National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary close to Thekkady, the type locality.

Remarks. C. periyari   sp. nov. resembles C. kodikanelensis Nielson   and C. ostenta (Distant)   but differs in the relative size of the aedeagal processes and ventral pygofer process. The ventral pygofer process is elongate in C. kodikanelensis   , but it is short in C. ostenta   and C. periyari   . C. periyari   is much smaller (5.4 mm) and paler compared to C. ostenta   (6.7–6.9 mm) and C. kodikanelensis   (7.5 mm).