Glyptothorax fokiensis (Rendahl 1925),

Alfred W. Thomson & Lawrence M. Page, 2006, Genera of the Asian Catfish Families Sisoridae and Erethistidae (Teleostei: Siluriformes)., Zootaxa 1345, pp. 1-96: 45-46

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Glyptothorax fokiensis (Rendahl 1925)


Glyptothorax fokiensis (Rendahl 1925) 

Glyptosternum fokiensis Rendahl 1925  ZBK  : 307. Type locality: Lan-Hao, Lien-Cheng-Hsien , Fokien [Fujian] [Yangtze drainage], s. China. Syntypes: NRM 10018 (2). 

Glyptosternon punctatum Nichols 1941  ZBK  : 1, figs. 1-2. Type locality: Kiating (Loshan) [Yangtze drainage] , Szechwan Prov., China, elev. 1100 ft. Holotype: AMNH 15218. Paratypes: AMNH 20927 (1).  Considered a valid subspecies of Glyptothorax fokiensis  by Li (1984a) but a synonym of Glyptothorax fukiensis fukiensis  (= Glyptothorax fokiensis fokiensis  ) by Chu et al. (1999).

Distribution: Yangtze drainage, China (Li, 1984a; Chu et al., 1999; Fu et. al., 2003).