Leucotrichia viridis Flint, 1967

Thomson, Robin E., Armitage, Brian J. & Harris, Steven C., 2022, The Trichoptera of Panama. XIX. Additions to and a review of the genus Leucotrichia (Trichoptera, Hydroptilidae) in Panama, ZooKeys 1111, pp. 425-466 : 425

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Leucotrichia viridis Flint, 1967


Leucotrichia viridis Flint, 1967

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Due to the similar overall appearance of the phallus, L. viridis is most similar to L. botosaneanui , L. hispida , and L. chiriquiensis , as discussed under L. botosaneanui . Leucotrichia viridis has two dorsal spines on the inferior appendage, while the other species each bear only a single spine.

Material examined.

Panama: Bocas del Toro Province • 21 males; Cuenca 093, Chiriqui Grande District, Quebrada Rambala , Rambala Jungle Lodge ; 8.91627°N, 82.15469°W; 120 m a.s.l.; 9 Aug. 2014; E. Carlson, leg.; Malaise trap; in alcohol; MUPADI • ibid GoogleMaps ., 3 males; 28 Mar. 2015; UV light trap • ibid GoogleMaps ., 3 males; 31 Mar.-11 Apr. 2015; Malaise trap. Chiriqui Province • 1 male; Cuenca 108; Dolega District; Rio Majagua ; Potrerillos , Banquito de Palmira ; 8.68083°N, 82.53253°W; 840 m a.s.l.; 28 Feb.-14 Mar. 2019; T. Ríos, Y. Aguirre, leg.; Malaise trap; in alcohol; MUPADI GoogleMaps . - Veraguas Province • 3 males; Cuenca 132; Santa Fe District, Santa Fe National Park , Rio Mulaba , afl. 1er Brazo ; PSPSCB-NPSF-C-097-2017-008; 8.51706°N, 81.1214°W; 770 m a.s.l.; E. Álvarez, E. Pérez, T. Ríos, leg.; 19-23 Apr. 2017; in alcohol; COZEM GoogleMaps .


El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico, Panama.