Coregonus arenicolus, Kottelat, 1997

Selz, Oliver M., Doenz, Carmela J., Vonlanthen, Pascal & Seehausen, Ole, 2020, A taxonomic revision of the whitefish of lakes Brienz and Thun, Switzerland, with descriptions of four new species (Teleostei, Coregonidae), ZooKeys 989, pp. 79-162: 125

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Coregonus arenicolus, Kottelat, 1997


Coregonus arenicolus, Kottelat, 1997  

Material examined.

Holotype. NMBE-1076223 ( Eawag-239-1), Switzerland, Lake Constance (47°38'N, 9°22'E), 296 mm SL, sex unknown. GoogleMaps  

Paratypes. NMBE-1076223 (N = 3: Eawag-239-2, Eawag-239-3, Eawag-239-4), Switzerland, Lake Constance (47°38'N, 9°22'E), N = 3, 289-314 mm SL. GoogleMaps  

Distribution and notes on biology.

Coregonus arenicolus   is found in the upper and lower basin of Lake Constance.

Common name.