Leptomorphus talyshensis Zaitzev & Šev, Zaitzev & Sev

Borkent, Christopher J. & Wheeler, Terry A., 2012, Systematics and Phylogeny of Leptomorphus Curtis (Diptera: Mycetophilidae) 3549, Zootaxa 3549, pp. 1-117: 66

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Leptomorphus talyshensis Zaitzev & Šev


34. Leptomorphus talyshensis Zaitzev & Šev   č ík

( Figures 121, 140)

Leptomorphus talyshensis Zaitzev & Ševčík, 2002: 210   .

DIAGNOSIS: The only extant species of Leptomorphus   with the following combination of characters: foretibia with dense row (comb) of short anteroventral bristles; wing with dark apical and medial spots present; male genitalia with outer margin of the gonocoxite straight, and with the gonocoxite longer than, and placed apically on, tergite 9 ( Fig. 121).

This species can be distinguished from other Palaearctic species by the long gonocoxites (more than half total length of male genitalia, Fig. 121), striped abdomen and scutum evenly covered with small setae. It is the only species with long gonocoxites that has the gonocoxite strongly bent at two-thirds of its length ( Fig. 121).

DESCRIPTION: Male. Head: yellow. Antenna; flagellomere 6 2X as long as broad. Clypeus yellow. Palpus yellow. Ocellar triangle light brown. Thorax: Dark brown dorsally, yellow laterally. Scutum dark brown with yellow lateral parts. Scutellum yellow. Mediotergite yellow. Laterotergite yellow with ventral margin brown. Anepisternum yellow. Katepisternum yellow. Halter knob brown. Legs: yellow. Foretibia with comb of short setae along length of anteroventral surface. Foreleg first tarsomere 2X length of foretibia. Wing: Length 7 mm. Hyaline; apical macula reaching wing tip though fainter towards tip, extending faintly along posterior wing margin into apex of cell cua 1, cup, not joining with medial macula; medial macula present from Sc to M fork. M 4 -CuA fork arising at same level as r-m. Abdomen: Tergites 1–5 yellow with posterior margin dark brown, T6 dark brown with anterior margin yellow. Genitalia ( Zaitzev & Ševčík 2002: 205, figs. 4–5): Tergite 9 yellow, circular with posterior margin flat to slightly concave. Gonocoxite placed apicoventrally on T9, lateral margin smoothly curved medially with slight thickening at apex, interior margin with basal triangular projection covered in setae. Gonostylus small dorsal lobe and large sickle shaped ventral lobe, both covered with setae.

Female. As for male, except as follows. Legs: Foretibia without comb of short setae on anteroventral surface. Abdomen: Cercus yellow.

Immatures. Unknown.

BIOLOGY: Unknown.

DISTRIBUTION: Azerbaijan ( Fig. 140), - 3 masl.

DISCUSSION: The description here is based solely on the original description ( Zaitzev & Ševčík 2002), as no material was available for study.

MATERIAL KNOWN: Holotype: Adult male, not examined. Label data is given as: AZERBAIJAN, Avrora , 13. V   .1980, Zaitzev leg. [ IEE]. Paratypes have the same data (1♂, 1♀, IEE)   .


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Leptomorphus talyshensis Zaitzev & Šev

Borkent, Christopher J. & Wheeler, Terry A. 2012

Leptomorphus talyshensis Zaitzev & Ševčík, 2002: 210

Zaitzev, A. I. & Sevcik J. 2002: 210