Brachionichthys Bleeker, 1855

Peter R. Last, Daniel C. Gledhill & Bronwyn H. Holmes, 2007, A new handfish, Brachionichthys australis sp. nov. (Lophiiformes: Brachionichthyidae), with a redescription of the critically endangered spotted handfish, B. hirsutus (Lacepede)., Zootaxa 1666, pp. 53-68 : 55

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Brachionichthys Bleeker, 1855

sp. nov.

Brachionichthys Bleeker, 1855   ZBK

Type species. Lophius hirsutus Lacepede, 1804   ZBK , by subsequent designation of Gill, 1878: 222.

Definition. Members of the genus Brachionichthys   ZBK are unique among brachionichthyids in having the following combination of features: body relatively elongate, head 45-49% TL; caudal peduncle long, 7-11% TL; illicium very slender, 4-12 times length of esca; dense coverage of monospinulate scales on body; spinule tip upright, protruding well above skin surface, originating from centre of scale base; scale bases subcircular, not deeply embedded in thick skin; no enlarged fleshy warts on skin surface; black spots and/or streaks over body, and dorsal and caudal fins; pectoral-fin rays 7; anal-fin rays mainly 9-10; vertebrae 22-26.

Species: Presently includes two valid nominal species, Brachionichthys australis sp. nov. and B. hirsutus ( Lacepede, 1804) .

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