Pelargonium aridicola, E. M. Marais, 1997

Marais, Elizabeth M. & Roux, Anso Le, 2021, Two new species of Pelargonium (Geraniaceae) from the Western and Northern Cape Provinces (South Africa) and their position within P. section Hoarea, Phytotaxa 516 (1), pp. 92-100: 94

publication ID 10.11646/phytotaxa.516.1.7

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Pelargonium aridicola


Pelargonium aridicola   flower group

Geophytes with simple, pinnate or palmately divided leaves; laminae ovate or cordate (simple leaves), elliptic outline (pinnately divided leaves) or round (palmately compound leaves), with prostrate or erect petioles. Scape: branched, bearing 2–6(–9) pseudo-umbellets with 3–13(–17) flowers each. Hypanthium: short (9–20 mm long), or medium length (20–34 mm long). Flowers with yellow, cream-coloured, white, pale pink or bright pink, spathulate to narrowly spathulate or ligulate petals with or without dark red feather-like markings on the posterior two; anterior three without markings or with dark red V-shaped markings. Stamens: 5 fertile, posterior one short, lateral two of medium length and anterior stamens long and straight during anthesis and more or less the same length or longer than the sepals. Tectum of pollen grains: striate-reticulate. Basic chromosome number: n=10